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By November 5, 2009 No Comments

In today’s challenging technology environment it is important to keep up the skills and learn new trades along the way. In my opinion there’s no substitute for . Step by step instructions are a great way to get .

For quite a while I had a couple of Sybase step by step instructions on my company’s website ( ). Unfortunately these were static pages and nobody could leave any messages. I transferred these pages to a blog format that allows anybody to leave comments, suggestions, feedback and of course, corrections, in case I messed up. is the new home for step by step instructions on various . As I mentioned before, the first few entries are focused around Sybase Replication Server. The basic concept is to provide information on that can be easily reproduced in a test environment. Although these instructions are very detailed, they are for only.

Here are a few topics that I plan to release soon:


Once I started to post step by step instructions on how to effectively use LinkedIn tools on this blog, I got several requests from readers to write more step by step instructions on a variety of topics. If you have any requests or suggestions on what you like to read about, please leave a comment on this post.

I am looking forward to read your comments, suggestions and critics as well.



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