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ISUG-TECH Conference Atlanta – SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference – Special Offers

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Dear Readers,

The first quarter for 2014 is just about over, and there are exciting times ahead. If you missed our last newsletter, we want to let you know we will be exhibiting at two important technical conferences this year, and want you to join us. These conferences have much to offer, and make it far easier for you to learn about and plan for new and innovative ways to build database systems.

We’d like to invite you to two outstanding SAP conferences: ISUG-TECH Conference, April 14-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, and SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, June 3-5, 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

Our own, Bob Barker, Senior DBA, is teaching his SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAS course at -TECH as a pre-conference workshop. Bob always gets raves from his workshops, and you must hear his advice while you are seeing everything at -Tech. Note: Contact us for special discounts for the Conference.

The SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando (close by and an easy day’s drive from the Tampa area) offers a lot of opportunity to mix with technology partners, and learn from them. We’ll be exhibiting, and want you to stop by our booth.

We had a huge turnout for our RoadMap of SAP IQ Webinar in February. If you attended, we thank you for participating. If not, plan on attending future sessions on other topics – we love having you participate – it’s what keeps us all learning together.

Special Offer: We have a special limited time offer for our existing Sybase customers: Any existing customers who purchase additional licenses will be able to obtain them with ZERO % financing for 12-24 months on any transaction greater than $25K.

Also, we are happy to tell you about our newest team members and the excellent skills they bring to our organization.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!




Come and see us at the two conferences where we are exhibiting this year.

I want to share with you again the news about the two conferences we are attending this year. If you can join us, you’ll find these two events have a lot to offer, and shouldn’t be missed.

Our Expanding World: Silver Sponsorship for ISUG-TECH Conference April 14-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

We are announcing our Silver Sponsor for the SAP ISUG-TECH Conference, which is being held in Atlanta from April 14-17, 2014.The conference is a custom-tailored event, designed to serve the needs of technical professionals who use SAP products anywhere and in any industry.

Mike Harrold, Executive Director, ISUG-TECH, says, “This is just great news. On both a personal and professional level, I know I speak for the rest of the ISUG-TECH board when I say we have all been impressed by Peter Dobler’s strength of vision for his firm and the ongoing growth and development that it has enjoyed as a result. Dobler Consulting’s sponsorship alignment for the SAP-sponsored ISUG-TECH Conference will help to reinforce the firm’s practical and pragmatic approach to complex technical challenges and tough business issues in front of a real user/practitioner audience.”

To promote our Silver Sponsorship, we are going on record to say, “This is our first time as a Silver sponsor and ISUG Tech partner for the ISUG conference. The time is right for us to be more voluble and proactive publically. We are thrilled to be participating, and want to share our expertise and best practices with conference participants, by featuring:”

  • A pre-conference workshop on Monday April 14.

Bob Barker’s workshop – a 32 year database administration expert and member of Dobler Consulting’s team will be teaching SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAS. He will be teaching attendees from around the world how to:

    • Provide Oracle and SQL Server DBAs a road map to learn SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Enable DBAs leveraging their native competencies to learn SAP Sybase ASE database server concepts.
    • Highlight differences and similarities in Oracle, SQL Server and SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Provide in-depth knowledge of SAP Sybase ASE architecture and administration concepts.


  • Exhibit at the Conference.

We will be available to discuss SAP database technology at our booth. We plan to share vital elements of our latest work:

    • SAP HANA and SAP IQ as a Near Line Storage (NLS) solution for better performance.

The advantage of using NLS solutions is the marriage of two of the best technologies to solve large data needs. We are on the inside track, with in-depth experience about database systems being developed by companies who are keeping less frequently needed information easily available and ready to use.

    • Remote Managed Services for focused database support.

We work with clients so that their DBA’s can focus on Tier 1 applications. Our team will be at the exhibit booth to offer key tips and benefits for turning Tier 2 and Tier 3 applications into high performing, efficient database systems.

    • License Sales and Support for Affordable Product Solutions

Dobler Consulting has a large selection of software licensing products and services for their clients. Our licensing process is streamlined to make purchases, audit support, and license restructuring and other tasks simple, effective, and affordable.

Anyone interested in the workshop, which takes place at the Hilton Atlanta on April 14th should visit the ISUG TECH website ( to register.


Dobler Consulting Expands SAP Partnership with Sponsorship for SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference ̶ June 3-5, 2014 in Orlando, Florida

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference

We are a first-time sponsor for the and Annual Conference

The conference joins SAP and ASUG (the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group) by giving SAP customers, partners, and experts a golden opportunity to explore the latest technologies and services from SAP partners and solution providers.

Anyone interested in registering for this conference should visit the website

Peter says, “This is our first time sponsoring the SAPPHIRE NOW Conference. As an SAP VAR partner, we plan to meet with conference participants, show them learn how to realize database system results, and support their business goals for a steady growth cycle.” We will be available to discuss the SAP database technology at our booth.


Dobler Consulting Welcomes Carlos Colón as our new Senior Software Engineer

We are pleased to announce that Carlos Colón has joined the Dobler team as a Senior Software Engineer. Carlos has over 19 years’ experience, both as a database administration developer, and a project manager. His technical background includes in-depth experience in both SAP Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. His diverse work includes SQL performance tuning, extensive problem-solving with complex triggers and stored procedures, and working with Extract Transfer Load processes, involving taking data from different sources, and making it suitable for database loading. Some of Carlos’ other specialties include improving I/O for databases, by significantly reducing SQL execution times.

Carlos spent most of his technical career in the telecommunications, market research, and health care industries. He loves working with clients who have serious performance degradation issues as their systems grow and evolve. He specializes in solving database puzzles that spring up when least expected.

He will be working with our clients to help them with their SQL development, and the challenging projects we are facing now. Peter states: “Carlos has returned back to our organization, and his vast experience is a perfect match for the work we are doing. His major strength is to understand how to find the simplest, most straight-forward solutions for the complex problems our clients have. We are pleased to have him return to Dobler Consulting as a team member.”

Carlos explains: “I love working with Peter Dobler and his group, because of their talent, integrity, and professionalism. Peter takes on challenging projects, and encourages ‘out of the box thinking’ so that I can find just the right solutions for our clients’ problems. It’s great to be part of a group that wants to take on difficult assignments, and be successful.”



Yakov Yastrovskiy Joins Dobler Consulting As a Senior Database Consultant

We are pleased to announce that Yakov Yastrovskiy has joined Dobler Consulting as a Senior Database Consultant. Yakov comes to our organization with over 20 years of extensive database experience. His technical abilities include in-depth data warehouse expertise with Sybase IQ. He also brings his deep knowledge about database conversions which include converting Microsoft SQL Server to Sybase, and Sybase ASE to Sybase IQ. In his previous positions, Yakov has successfully completed systems, application, and migration database administration projects.

His varied industry experience includes game development, the Department of Health for the State of New York, and financial institutions where he combined his technical experience with risk management, prime brokerage, and cost analysis projects. Yakov enjoys direct client work, and we look forward to having him help our clients solve their database performance problems.

We know Yakov’s background is a perfect fit for our client work, and his special talents will make a huge difference for us. Peter states: “Yakov has worked with us before as a consultant. He always delivers excellent results for our projects, and shares his knowledge with all of us. It’s wonderful to have him back on our team.”

Yakov says: “The great thing about working at Dobler Consulting is it’s always a team effort. Peter believes in having everyone add their special touch, using the experience and know-how they bring to the table. I always learn from everyone, and my database experience grows and become better and better. I am excited to be part of this terrific organization.”


Join our Continuing Webinar Technical Education Series

We had over 100 people attend our last Webinar – Roadmap of SAP IQ in February, and found the speakers as well as the attendees sharing information and asking important questions about SAP’s IQ plans for the future. It was an outstanding presentation.

If you missed this exceptional webinar, it’s available on our website at: . You can download the presentation; watch it there to glean some excellent technical tidbits. And, stay tuned for future webinar topics we will share with you in future newsletters. Once our webinars are finished, they are all available on YouTube. Just type in Dobler Consulting in the search box, and they are all there for your viewing whenever it’s convenient for you.


And please don’t forget about our special offer if you are a Sybase customer:

We have a special limited time offer for our existing Sybase customers: Any existing customers who purchase additional licenses will be able to obtain them with ZERO % financing for 12-24 months on any transaction greater than $25K.

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