February Newsletter – SAP IQ RoadMap – ISUG-TECH Conference – SAPPHIRENOW – CFO of the Year

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It’s already February, 2014, and we are rolling along at top speed with a series of new plans, and opportunities for our clients to know us better. We want you to join us at several events in the near future for database information that will change the way you think about your systems.

We’re starting our series of education events with a RoadMap of SAP IQ Webinar on February 27th the registration URL is attached below. We also want to invite you two outstanding SAP Conferences - ISUG-TECH Conference April 14-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, and SAP SAPPHIRENOW + ASUG Annual Conference - June 3-5, 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

We are pleased to be a Silver Sponsor at ISUG-TECH Annual Conference. Come see and learn about the exciting developments in SAP Database and Technology products. Our own, Bob Barker, Senior DBA, is teaching his SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAs course at ISUG-TECH as a pre-conference workshop. If you’re new to SAP ASE or haven’t used ASE for a long time, this is the refresher workshop for you. Bob always gets raves from his workshops, and you must hear his advice before you are seeing everything at ISUG-Tech.

We are also a sponsor at the SAP SAPPHIRENOW + ASUG Annual Conference June ---. In Orlando, you can explore the latest technologies and services from SAP partners and solution providers.

And, as an added bonus, 6 Dobler team members will be at both Conferences to answer your questions about: SAP HANA and SAP IQ as a Near Line Storage (NLS) solution for better performance; our Remote Managed Services for focused database support; and upcoming changes to how SAP will be Licensing legacy Sybase products. .

We also have a special and exciting announcement about William Fields, our CFO. He is a finalist in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s CFO of the Year – 2014! Our buttons are bursting with pride about William. We’ll be cheering him on at the A La Carte Pavilion on February 27th.

Read through this month’s newsletter to learn all the details, and to consider joining us at one of our events. We appreciate your continued interest!




Do You Have a Big Data Strategy - Learn Important facts to Ensure Your Success with Big Data?

Join Us for the SAP Webinar – Roadmap of SAP IQ on

February 27, 2014, 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST

On February 27, 2014, In collaboration with SAP we are offering an important webcast to explain what their new SAP IQ plans are – enhanced foundation, new features, and exciting new roles for data applications. They are going to show viewers at their webinar the latest developments from their innovative company. SAP’s approach to technology, their progressive ideas, and their commitment to big data means they are leading the pack in mobility, analytics, applications, and real-time data processing. During the last 5 years, SAP has launched 6 major releases with significant new features and capabilities.

In 2013, SAP IQ set a Guinness World Record for “World’s Fastest Data Loader” (http://scn.sap.com/community/iq/blog/2013/05/30/sap-sybase-iq-16-sets-guinness-world-record-with-343tb-per-hour-for-big-data-loading

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/140640705 to learn about the latest SAP IQ developments!

Don’t miss this major event! It will change your thinking about Big Data, and how you want to launch or upgrade your Big Data system.


Our Expanding World: Silver Sponsorship for ISUG-TECH Conference April 14-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

We are announcing our Silver Sponsor for the ISUG-TECH Conference, which is being held in Atlanta from April 14 to 17 2014.The conference is a custom-tailored event, designed to serve the needs of technical professionals who use SAP products anywhere and in any industry.

Mike Harrold, Executive Director, ISUG-TECH, says, “This is just great news. On both a personal and professional level, I know I speak for the rest of the ISUG-TECH board when I say we have all been impressed by Peter Dobler’s strength of vision for his firm and the ongoing growth and development that it has enjoyed as a result. Dobler Consulting’s sponsorship alignment for the SAP-sponsored ISUG-TECH Conference will help to reinforce the firm’s practical and pragmatic approach to complex technical challenges and tough business issues in front of a real user/practitioner audience.”

To promote our Silver Sponsorship, we are going on record to say, “This is our first time as a Silver sponsor and ISUG Tech partner for the ISUG conference. The time is right for us to be more voluble and proactive publically. We are thrilled to be participating, and want to share our expertise and best practices with conference participants, by featuring:”

  • A pre-conference workshop on Monday April 14.

Bob Barker’s workshop - a 32 year database administration expert and member of Dobler Consulting’s team will be teaching SAP SYBASE ASE Quick Start For ORACLE and SQL SERVER DBAS. He will be teaching attendees from around the world how to:

    • Provide Oracle and SQL Server DBAs a road map to learn SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Enable DBAs leveraging their native competencies to learn SAP Sybase ASE database server concepts.
    • Highlight differences and similarities in Oracle, SQL Server and SAP Sybase ASE database administration.
    • Provide in-depth knowledge of SAP Sybase ASE architecture and administration concepts.
  • Exhibit at the Conference.

We will be available to discuss SAP database technology at our booth. We plan to share vital elements of our latest work:

    • SAP HANA and SAP IQ as a Near Line Storage (NLS) solution for better performance.

The advantage of using NLS solutions is the marriage of two of the best technologies to solve large data needs. We are on the inside track, with in-depth experience about database systems being developed by companies who are keeping less frequently needed information easily available and ready to use.

    • Remote Managed Services for focused database support.

We work with clients so that their DBA’s can focus on Tier 1 applications. Our team will be at the exhibit booth to offer key tips and benefits for turning Tier 2 and Tier 3 applications into high performing, efficient database systems.

    • License Sales and Support for Affordable Product Solutions

Dobler Consulting has a large selection of software licensing products and services for their clients. Our licensing process is streamlined to make purchases, audit support, and license restructuring and other tasks simple, effective, and affordable.

Anyone interested in the workshop, which takes place at the Hilton Atlanta on April 14th should visit the ISUG TECH website (http://my.isug.com/conference) to register.


Dobler Consulting Expands SAP Partnership with Sponsorship for SAP SAPPHIRENOW + ASUG Annual Conference ̶ June 3-5, 2014 in Orlando, Florida

We are a first-time sponsor for the SAP SAPPHIRENOW +ASUG Annual Conference. The Conference joins SAP and ASUG (the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group) by giving SAP customers, partners, and experts a golden opportunity to explore the latest technologies and services from SAP partners and solution providers. Peter says, “This is our first time sponsoring the SAPPHIRENOW Conference. As an SAP VAR Partner, we plan to meet with Conference participants, show them learn how to realize database system results, and support their businesses goals for a steady growth cycle.”

We will be available to discuss the SAP database technology at our booth.

Anyone interested in registering for SAP SAPPHIRENOW, which takes place at Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida on June 3-5, 2014 should visit the website http://www.sapandasug.com/.


William Fields Chosen as Finalist for Tampa Bay Business Journal Small Business CFO 2014

William Fields, our Chief Financial Officer, has been chosen as a 2014 CFO finalist of the Year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Fields was nominated in the Small Business Category.

William is a vital part of our organization because of his attention to detail, ability to “think like an owner”, understand the nuts and bolts of our business, and keep capital at its highest levels. He is our firm’s “behind the scenes champion.”

Peter states: “We are honored William has been chosen as one of 40 finalists. He is a creative thinker, who has steered us to higher levels of financial discipline, and revenue growth. He has been instrumental in supporting our business’ quest for this expansion. We are forecasting another triple digit revenue growth for 2014. William is instrumental in securing capital to sustain our expansion and achievements. His work is a ‘game changer’ for Dobler.”

Fields says: “Dobler Consulting is on a large growth trajectory, and is positioned to grow organically to a higher level from a revenue and consulting basis for future success. We have a fantastic team at Dobler. My job is to simply enable that team to be their very best. Removing financial constraints is a key to their performance and the businesses growth.”

The awards ceremony will be held February 26 at A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa. Dobler team members will be at A La Carte Event Pavilion day to cheer William on as a winner.


Contact us today at 813 322 3240 or info@doblerllc.com to learn how your organization and Dobler Consulting can work together to achieve your data management goals.