Data Connect: Thank You For Another Great Year

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Data Connect: Thank You For Another Great Year


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Here we are again, it is the end of another great year and we are all getting busy with the Holidays. I want to take the opportunity and thank you for being part of our incredible journey. Thank you for paying attention to our announcements and thank you to all our clients to make this a remarkable year.
These are some highlights of the year:

Without our dedicated team, we would not be able to achieve these accomplishments. Many thanks to our hard-working staff. 

Please contact us or call 813 322 3240 to experience the Dobler difference.

Thank You,
Peter Dobler
Founder & CEO

Product/Service Updates


The latest release of XpressInsight™ is currently being rolled out at several customers. We are currently rolling out XpressInsight 2.0 and the results are stunning. If you want to monetize your data, contact us today. Learn more about how XpressInsight works and consider choosing Dobler as your new data warehouse partner. 


With SpectrumDB™ we provide your organization three options for around the clock remote database support. Do you have trouble filling open DBA positions? Relax, we can help. Contact us today. Learn more about SpectrumDB™.


SAP Commits to Sybase


On November 27, 2019, SAP published a long-anticipated announcement regarding the future of Sybase within SAP. Under the leadership of Irfan Khan, President SAP Platform & Technologies, SAP renewed its commitment to its Sybase customers to not only ensure that the product will be supported in the future, but that it invests into new features and functionalities to guarantee its relevance in a very competitive database system market.

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New Features in PowerBI


PowerBI is an industry-leading analytics platform that has been providing business insights and intelligence for years. The recent updates and October releases bring some exciting new enhancements. This release focuses on several enhancements across the board that will help improve the capabilities and user experience. The analytics and visualization, reports, and data preparation are all getting some exciting boosts. Let’s take a look.
Blog Post:  New Features in PowerBI


A Quick Look at Oracle EBS 12.2.9


In August of this year, Oracle released its newest update to the EBS line in EBS 12.2.9. This is a continuation of their promised “continuous release schedule” that has version 12.2 extending at least through 2030. This means avoiding major version upgrades in favor of more incremental enhancements, allowing for more continuous workflow and usage of the software. This also means that some clients are not taking advantage of each of these updates and are opting instead to maintain their system as-is. If this sounds like you, we wanted to take a look at some of the feature enhancements, regulatory upgrades, and stability and security features that are offered in their newest release.

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Dobler Consulting’s New Website Signals A New Business Model In Data Asset Management


Managed Services + Gold Certified Expertise = Synergy of Your Data Assets Going Forward.

Dober Consulting announces the release of its new website today to better illustrate its new business model in database and data-asset management. Dobler Consulting has long-been recognized as a Managed Services leader by providing Remote Database Administration services to a broad portfolio of technologies including Oracle, SAP. Microsoft, Sybase, MongoDB, and MySQL. 

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