Data Connect: Off To New Frontiers

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Data Connect: Off To New Frontiers

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Every so often you get the opportunity in participating with innovations that will make history. Many of you wish to have predicted the rise of VMWare before VMWare was a household name. It took some time for the concept to be accepted in corporate America. Today, it is the backbone of the cloud movement.

Today I have exciting news. And we think you’ll be excited too … 

Dobler Consulting has just announced a new partnership with TidalScale, the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers.

What does this mean? Well, a lot.

  • Together, Dobler and TidalScale are implementing the data center of the future--on-premises and in the cloud.
  • They’re delivering the ability to use software to scale servers, coupled with the expertise to rapidly implement and manage revolutionary Software-Defined Server technology.
  • Teamed up with Dobler Consulting, TidalScale is now adding support for Sybase IQ customers to their rapidly growing deployments with SAP, Oracle, and other big data customers. It’s future-defining, and it’s going to make waves.

This press release
talks about our partnership with TidalScale in greater detail.

Please contact us or call 813 322 3240 to learn more about this exciting new technology.


Thank You,

Peter Dobler

Founder & CEO

Product/Service Updates


The latest release of XpressInsight™ is currently being rolled out at several customers. We are currently rolling out XpressInsight 2.0 and the results are stunning. If you want to monetize your data, contact us today. Learn more about how XpressInsight works and consider choosing Dobler as your new data warehouse partner. 


With SpectrumDB™ we provide your organization three options for around the clock remote database support. Do you have trouble filling open DBA positions? Relax, we can help. Contact us today. Learn more about SpectrumDB™.


SAP CEO Bill McDermott Resigns

SAP announced that Bill McDermott has decided not to renew his contract and is stepping down from his position as chief executive officer. In activating the company’s long-term succession plan, SAP Executive Board Members Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein have been appointed co-chief executive officers, effective immediately, with the approval of the Supervisory Board of SAP SE.

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Containers are In – Azure Can Help

Application development and deployment have come a long way in recent years. The introduction of containers opens the door for more lightweight, portable, scalable development. Add to that the capabilities of Kubernetes clusters and you get a new level of efficiency when managing application development, testing, and deployment. If your team is actively using Linux containers and Kubernetes clusters, it’s important to make sure your database products are supporting your efforts.

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Getting Lost in Big Data?

Let’s talk a little bit about big data. This is such an important buzz word in technology and data management circles these days. I think, however, that sometimes the nuances get lost. Big data is great, and has amazing potential applications for improving business processes, marketing opportunities, and customer identification, among others. Big data facilitates AI and machine learning, giving us unprecedented insights into patterns of behavior and process improvement opportunities. But the flip side of this is that big data also gives us massive amounts of ‘stuff’ to store and sift.

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Dobler Consulting’s New Website Signals A New Business Model In Data Asset Management


Managed Services + Gold Certified Expertise = Synergy of Your Data Assets Going Forward.

Dober Consulting announces the release of its new website today to better illustrate its new business model in database and data-asset management. Dobler Consulting has long-been recognized as a Managed Services leader by providing Remote Database Administration services to a broad portfolio of technologies including Oracle, SAP. Microsoft, Sybase, MongoDB, and MySQL.

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We have multiple positions open. Please visit our career page for more information.

This month's top Job: SQL Server DBA (with some MongoDB and Oracle skills)

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