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SAP really wants to be known as a database technology vendor. Not just for its HANA platform, but for all database technologies, especially the Sybase portfolio. As a former Sybase Partner and now SAP VAR, this is great news to hear. Although SAP dropped the name Sybase, it didn’t drop the support and commitment to these products. In fact, SAP is investing more R&D resources into the Sybase products than ever before. Exciting new products and new versions emerge, like the new SAP ASE Edge Edition, SAP IQ Edge Edition and a brand new version of SAP ASE Cluster Edition.

So, where does the simple come into play? SAP is making it very easy to adapt its database technologies in 3 simple steps.


1. Try Simple: SAP will get you started for free

The Try Simple program will provide the resources to 1) help you assess – your current IT landscape complexity, 2) discover what it’s costing you, and 3) ascertain where you can save time and resources.

Get started with FREE SAP Database Trial offers:

        • SAP ERP powered by HANA Trial
        • SAP CRM powered by HANA Trial
        • SAP BW powered by HANA Trial
        • SAP HANA on AWS Test Drive
        • SAP ASE Developer Edition – AWS
        • SAP ASE Developer Edition Download
        • SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial
        • SAP IQ express download or full-use trial Trial


2. Buy Simple: SAP will protect your investment

SAP has simplified licensing terms to allow you to mix and match SAP data management products for deployment in any SAP application scenario – providing greater protection for your SAP database investments as your needs evolve.


3. Run Simple: SAP will help you migrate

SAP lowers the risk of migrating to SAP databases — on premise or in the cloud — with services and other compelling offerings.


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