Registration for Our First SAP ASE Training Class is Open

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For the past few weeks we were hard at work to create a training class that will allow current Oracle and SQL Server database administrators to quickly pick up SAP ASE skills.

The first class will held at our training facility in Tampa, FL on March 13th 2013. It will be the instructor lead 3-day course “Quick start to SAP Sybase ASE for Oracle and SQL Server DBAs”.

At the end of this course, participants will acquire an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in:

  • SAP ASE architecture, components and functionalities.
  • Installing, upgrading and patching a SAP ASE server.
  • Creating, configuring, and tuning SAP ASE databases.
  • Backup and recovery concepts in a SAP ASE database environment.
  • SAP ASE database maintenance requirements, options, and configuration.
  • Performance tuning tools provided by SAP ASE for tuning SAP ASE installations.
  • Managing/monitoring/troubleshooting multiple SAP ASE installations, using the SAP Control Center.


Please call 813 322 3240 for more information or registration by phone.

or Register Online