Peter Dobler of Dobler Consulting to Take Over Role as President of TBTLA

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The start of 2018 is accompanied by exciting news for Peter Dobler, Founder & CEO of Dobler Consulting. With Dobler Consulting listed as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and a Finalist for the Small Business of the Year awards, it comes as no surprise that Peter Dobler has been appointed to take on the role as the next President of the TBTLA.


The TBTLA, or Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Association, is a local non-profit organization whose membership is limited to current and former technology executives. Its two-fold mission is to apply the collective experience of the membership to real-world technology problems, and to mentor students – and other professionals – who are anticipating careers in information technology[1]. The most important way the TBTLA achieves this goal is through their successful GETSMART program. Established in 2001, the TBTLA is one of the many reasons why Tampa Bay is becoming a booming technology hub for business of all sizes.


The TBTLA partnered with the University of Tampa’s Information & Technology Management department to create GETSMART. GETSMART, short for Getting Everyone to Study Math and Related Technologies, is an educational and mentoring program aiming to identify, influence and mentor 4th-12th grade students in West-Central Florida to pursue STEM related education and careers. Various sessions are held for students to have the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops where they can breakdown technology with industry professionals. This program is near and dear to the hearts of both the students and professionals who participate. Running these workshops for over 9 years now, GETSMART is crucial in educating Tampa Bay’s students of careers available to them in the technology industry while encouraging them to start that career here in Tampa[2].


TBTLA is more than just a forum for executives. With quarterly meetings, various social networking events throughout the year, and direct partnerships with Tampa Bay colleagues and universities, the TBTLA is truly a medium for tech based discussions among those who are impacting the industry the most, with GETSMART being at their core. The TBTLA’s mission can be summed up as follows:


“…To be the premier membership organization connecting Tampa Bay’s technology leaders with rising talent and students through mentoring, information sharing, and valued presentations and speakers, growing our industry talent in the Bay area.”


Already an active member of the TBTLA as a CIO Liaison, Peter Dobler is excited to be taking over the role as President and hopes to further expand programs, like GETSMART, that are so significant to Tampa Bay’s younger generation. Peter and his team at Dobler Consulting are continuously #HelpingOurCity become a thriving tech hub for business and professionals of all kind.


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