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I have the distinct honor to announce that Sybase invited me as a at this year’s in . This year will be cohosted with SAP’s TechED. This joined event will attract 5000+ and will draw a lot more attention to the Sybase event.

The topic I will be presenting is the highly charged theme of “Oracle to Sybase Migration”. This is a topic loaded with emotions and opinions. I think it is refreshing that Sybase is acknowledging this topic, as all the other vendors are doing for years. Let’s face it, prior to SAP most, if not all, Sybase migration projects where from Sybase to anywhere else. To me this is a huge showing of confidence from Sybase.

Here’s the official title and description of the session I will present at TechWave:


A Practitioner’s Guide to Successfully Migrate from Oracle to Sybase ASE (Parts 1 & 2)

’s unanimously agree that reducing infrastructure costs is key to ensuring adequate budget investment to achieve top-line .  While there are obviously many approaches to achieving this, one area gaining attention is migrating from the higher cost platform to Sybase ASE,  Long known as the highly performant and resilient database powering much of , its’ flexibility and low total , both in hardware and , are making CIO’s take notice.  This 2-part session will explore this topic from two perspectives.  We will first dive into this topic from the perspective of the business’ “Program Manager” by identifying the major high-level tasks and milestones of a typical project plan as well as quantifying the level of effort and risk for each.  We will then explore this from an implementation perspective looking at some of the most critical and resource-intensive of such projects to help you minimize the effort and risk of these types of career-enhancing projects.  If your company is considering its options for a competitive, yet cost-effective, database infrastructure, this is a session you can’t afford to miss.


Please join me at the most exciting TechWave in years. For more information go to:

See you there,

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