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During the redesign of the Dobler Consulting website, I had two things in mind:

  1. The website must be available on any device
  2. The website needs to be open to anybody who wants to contribute content or looks for a viable platform to showcase their work.

By moving the static website to the Wordpress platform and choosing the right template framework enabled the site to display on any device without the need to create multiple versions. But more importantly it is vital open up the site to other authors as a publishing platform.

In case of Sybase it is very important to offer these outlets. There are not enough platforms that publish Sybase related content.

To support this case 2 interactive outlets were created:

Article and White-Paper Archive

This archive will publish articles and white-papers on database related topics. This is not just Sybase centric, but all database articles or white-papers will be considered for publishing. Every submission will be reviewed before publishing to ensure quality content. Please submit your articles or white-papers here.


Database Forum

This is the community hangout to ask questions, post a cool problem you solved or answer questions others asked. You can subscribe to each topic of sub forum to never miss a post. The database forum currently contains the following forums and sub-forums:


I hope you will visit these publishing vehicles soon and often, both as an author and as a reader. The only way to make it interesting is to have many people contributing and even more people visiting.


Peter Dobler