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Blogging Fatigue?

By June 7, 2009 No Comments

Turns out that maintaining a blog requires time and efforts. That’s why so many blogs went silent in the past few months. Regarding a source of (Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest) bloggers are abandoning their beloved blogs in an increasing rate. The good news is that this will weed out 95% of all the competitors.

I have to admit that I fell into a blog fatigue myself. After blogging a few articles that created a lot of interest in the market space I got wrapped up in a lot of work for my company and ignored my blog all together.

Many of my were constantly asking me when I will release my next article on the blog. I chose to ignore these requests and deemed the blog as too much work for not much in return. But times are changing and the current is very challenging for to stay afloat.

The one thing the last recession proofed was that the companies that were able to keep their names on people’s minds, either through advertising or aggressive promotions, came out ahead once the economy recovered.

Of course advertising and money is tight during a recession. But there’s a way to bypass that. Blogging is essentially free and a great tool to keep your name in people’s mind. Especially in the consulting business it is very hard to actually create a campaign. Circulating your name is the best method to keep you on a possible short list in the future.

So, this is reason enough for me to re-launch my blog. There will be summaries and reviews of new features recently released by the major . I will also add a new topic covering content . Besides a multi decade long experience in database architecture and management I also added Microsoft’s SharePoint as a strategic tool to my company and the blog will feature articles that will discuss SharePoint features not many people are aware of.  Whenever possible there will be real life experiences as well.

Having said that I now have to go back to the drawing board and get busy with the next blog series.

As always, thank you for stopping by and your continued interest in my views.

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