Become an ISUG-TECH Gold Member Today and Receive a Discount to SAP TechEd 2013

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ISUG-TECH is an independent association that represents thousands of technical users of SAP products in more than sixty countries around the world.  Currently, our focus is primarily the database and development products obtained as part of the Sybase acquisition in 2010, with other SAP products being added based on member feedback.

As part of ISUG-TECH benefits its members will receive a more than $1,000 discount on a SAP TechEd 2013 conference pass. Just make sure that you are Gold Member of ISUG-TECH.


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ISUG-TECH Gold Members can attend SAP's TechEd Conference in Las Vegas, October 21-25, 2013, for a special discounted price.

SAP has made available a limited number of special "lecture only" passes that can be purchased for just $1,695, a $1,100 savings of the cost of the full conference pass. These passes are available only to ISUG-TECH Gold Members, and enable the pass holder to attend all keynotes, lecture sessions and special events at the conference, along with access to the exhibit hall and clubhouse. (Holders of the pass will not be able to register for or attend any hands-on workshops.)

These special passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of available passes is limited, so do not wait until the last minute to register – you may be too late!

Registration instructions are available on the 'My Benefits' page for Gold members. Do not share these instructions with other people. Every registration will be verified for ISUG-TECH Gold membership. Registrations from people that are not Gold members are subject to cancellation by SAP.

We worked hard to get this special pass for our Gold members in order to make the cost of attending the conference more in line with the old Sybase TechWave events upto 2008. We felt that sacrificing the hands-on workshops was well worth the ability for more former Sybase customers to be able to participate in a conference that is larger than any Sybase conference ever was.

If you are a Gold member, please make the extra effort to get to TechEd this year. And, if you have colleagues wanting to attend that are not Gold members, participate in our refer-a-member campaign!

For more information about the conference and to leave feedback, please visit our blog entry for this benefit.


But hurry, seats are limited!

Register here to become an ISUG-TECH Gold Member today and receive the SAP TechEd discount!


See you in Las Vegas!