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Newsletter September 2011

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TechWave 2011

Having attended a week long session after session, meeting after meeting at TechWave 2011, I’m glad to be back home. This was a successful marathon with a highly energized Sybase crowd. The Sybase folks made up about 10% of the 6,500 attendees of TechED/TechWave. Interestingly, many SAP TechED attendees found their way into Sybase sessions. There is a growing interest in the SAP community to learn more about Sybase products.

I am also happy to announce that during the TechWave week I was able to close our first sales deal. Now we are a Sybase reseller with a track record. I am really excited about that. Not only from a sales perspective, but from a consulting opportunity perspective too.

Did I mention that we are growing? We are currently looking for Sybase experts for IQ, ASE and Rep Server for various projects, short and mid term. If you’re interested yourself or if you know somebody who might, please contact us at: or call us at 813 322 3240.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of my .

TechWave 2011 Recap

The Keynote on day one was an impressive event. 6,500 packed a huge hall with wall to wall big screens and a sound system that rivals most bands. This was a SAP show, no doubt about that. However the Sybase presence was noticeable both on stage and off. Lot’s of encouragement from SAP leadership on Sybase’s product future and lots of commitments to the Sybase brand itself.

The biggest downside of having TechWave co-hosted with SAP TechED, was the placement of the sessions. All Sybase sessions were in the “basement”, one floor down from where all the other events took place. This explains why a less than expected SAP TechED crowd found their way into Sybase sessions.

One of the highlights was the GA announcement of Sybase ASE 15.7, the so-called SAP release. This is probably the most feature packed ASE release ever. At our next meeting, November 3rd, we will host a “Sybase ASE 15.7 what’s new” session with . This is a must see event.

There were a magnitude of session from all Sybase products and technical flavors to chose from. 4 packed days with back to back session. Besides presenting my 2 hour session on “ to Sybase ASE Migration”, I was exhausted after attending countless sessions, participated in a panel discussion and attended several partner events and other celebrations. And I had booth duties for the ISUG booth at the exhibit hall.

Yes, I am the new . Please read more about that here.
There will be many post TechWave activities available from Sybase directly, Sybase User Groups and Sybase partners. Make sure to catch at least one of them. Well worth the time.


again, I can proudly announce that a new member has joined the Dobler team. joined us as a SQL Server DBA. She has extensive experience in SQL Server management and P&T. Sue also is fluent in SSIS and SSRS.
Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Sue.

Please call 813 322 3240 to secure Sue’s availability for your current and future SQL Server consulting needs.

You can reach Sue directly at

As always, thank you for reading.



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