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Today’s will bring you up-to-date about some of our new activity at Dobler Consulting. This month’s shares details about what is happening at our company. You’ll also find some valuable information about how SAP and are moving forward with their exciting improvements.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to continue sharing our company information, and our technical insights to enhance your IT and database planning.

I appreciate your continued support!

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SAP and Sybase – Their New Database Management Vision

SAP announced in April that they are fully integrating Sybase into the SAP Hana platform, along with SAP’s solutions. SAP’s goal is to become the #2 database vendor by 2015.

The SAP Unified Strategy

SAP’s plan of action includes:

  • SAP Hana is going to be the center of their offerings, the core of their data platform. One of the major benefits to SAP Hana is its ability to aggregate large amounts of data in real-time.This technology combines hardware and Sybase’s in memory database () software. Sybase’s products and SAP Hana will share data via replication and data services. Sybase ASE will replicate data to SAP Hana to provide and data analytics. They will share data so customers can synchronize data between mobile devices and enterprise data. Two building blocks of their integrated technology, SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse, and SAP Business Suite are available as of April, 2012.
  • (ASE) is the database of choice for SAP Business Suite Applications. See the section below on: Sybase Ranks as Number 1 in IDC White Paper for Lowest Database Costs over 5 Years for more information.
  • for “big data” analytics
  • SAP Sybase Anywhere – mobile and embedded database is going to the front-end database for SAP Hana.
  • Other segments of their strategy include: SAP Sybase Power , SAP Sybase Event Stream Process software, SAP Sybase Replication Server, SAP data platform integrated with Hadoop, and SAP solutions for EIM.

SAP is leading technology efforts by contributing millions of dollars with two new ventures:

  1. Promoting innovation for the tech start-up community by creating the “ of $155 million dollars to foster development of real time applications to be developed by entrepreneurs, with investor participation.
  2. Encouraging new customers transitioning from legacy databases by investing $337 million dollars in the “SAP Hana Adoption Program, dedicated to customer adoption of SAP, and the SAP real-time data platform.”

For any customers now using SAP HANA, SAP is offering up to an 18-month exchange program out of SAP Hana to any other previously licensed program if they desire.

At Dobler Consulting, we believe the bottom line for these new offerings is substantial – you’ll be able to ramp up your productivity, increase your business processing speed dramatically, and simplify your IT applications. And, their new strategy supports social media, mobile, and cloud computing.

If you haven’t seen SAP HAA in action, come to SAP Sapphire Now in Orlando on May 14- May 16 and try out a test drive of SAP HANA.

Dobler Consulting Exhibited at 2012 BizTech Innovation Summit (Awards & Expo) at Tampa Convention Center on March 13, 2012

Dobler Consulting, exhibited at the Biz Tech Summit and Expo at the Tampa Convention Center on March 13, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. We shared information about our sophisticated data management practices for companies who were interested in functioning at a higher level for their clients. We were excited to meet with a large part of the Tampa business community to learn how different technology providers help their clients, and what kinds of products they use.

The Summit was presented by the Tampa Bay Technology Forum, and the Tampa Bay Business Journal, as one of the premier conventions to see the latest or services for companies.

Sybase Ranks as Number 1 in IDC White Paper for Lowest Database Costs Over 5 Years

International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier provider of market intelligence, and advisory services for IT companies, has written an insightful white paper about the true cost of database ownership for companies: “Calculating the True Cost of RDBMS Ownership and How Sybase ASE Stacks Up: A Guide for SAP Business Suite Users.”

IDC interviewed 12 large organizations with over 12,000 employees who have RDBMS systems, who are in a variety of industries. Six of the companies are running databases from multiple vendors.
Here are some of their conclusions. (Note: These findings are for a five year total cost per 100 users and a 240 gigabyte database).

Sybase ASE 15.7 total costs for the 5 years are $339,773. Using Sybase saved each of these 12 companies $128,580 over other RBDMS. These savings were reflected in IT staffing, hardware, software licenses, and database downtimes. The following features contributed to this large cost savings:

  • Automated functions for DBA’s
  • Self-management capabilities for databases to tune themselves
  • Data compression to reduce storage footprint
  • Large object blocks (LOBs) stored in-row, rather than as separate objects.
  • In-place execution of operations instead of using temp storage

After describing Sybase’s ability to lower the total costs of operation, IDC suggests that DBA’s need to:

  • Review periodically the total costs of ownership for their RDBMS
  • Use a 5-year time frame to understand the impact of growth on servers, storage, and fees for their RDBMS
  • Collect information about other RDBMS products to be able to make good comparisons
  • Be open to database conversion for software applications. It may not be as difficult or risky as you think.

IDC is careful to note that database products are constantly evolving. They suggest Sybase and their competitors need to keep addressing customer requirements to remain cost-competitive.

See Sybase IDC Calculating the true cost of RDBMS for the full article.

Our conclusion

IDC paints an excellent picture for considering Sybase 15.7. They have a solid grasp on what’s important when considering TOC for databases. We’ll find out if Sybase can keep their cost-savings momentum. Right now, their strategy for keeping database technology costs low is winning them many new customers.

This year we are moving forward with new projects, and new clients. The economy is picking up, and we are finding people are interested in IT planning, database performance issues, and what new plans Sybase, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server have for their customers.

How can Dobler Consulting help you?

Contact us for an assessment of your IT applications, and database performance at (813) 322-3240.
As always, thank you for reading our news.

Peter Dobler

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