Newsletter January 2011

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With the Holidays behind us and the month of January already gone I thought it is time for the first newsletter in 2011.

You read the news, many indicators point upward to a recovery from the great recession. This is certainly great news. But there's also a new reality. Most large corporations had to dramatically cut their operating costs to preserve cash flow. Unfortunatelly, layoffs were big part of this. These positions are slowely being filled again, but meanwhile the remaining staff has to pick up the pace.

Applying the same cost saving actions for small and mid-size business have far more deep reaching consequences. The reaining resource pool is much smaller. That's why we created a remote DBA support structure that offers expert level support for a fraction of an employee's salary. This allows companies to keep up with their support demand while maintaining cash flow. More importantly, the support team is local and you get a chance to meet us face to face.

Our DBA Managed Services packages are designed to support small to mid-sized companies. You will find the support model that fits your budget.

Please visit our Remote DBA Support section or call as at 813 322 3240 for more information.

I wish you a great start into 2011 and thank you for being a loyal reader of my newsletter.


Sybase in 2011

Last year the buzz was around SAP buying Sybase. At the end of last year there was a much anticipated press conference outlining the future of Sybase as an SAP company.

The most anticipated news was the pending certification of SAP R3 on ASE. Sources say that several hundred engineers are working diligently on this project and it is anticipated to be release sometime this summer.

In my opinion this is the re-birth of Sybase. I call it a game changer. There is an increased interest in Sybase from current SAP customers. I believe with Oracle taking over Sun, many infrastructure managers are all a sudden facing a one vendor situation. This will fuel the need of diversity and Sybase with SAP is providing a solution.

I work with Sybase for more than 20 years and I have never seen such a big interest in Sybase. Companies that were planning on replacing Sybase are reconsidering their approach and are actively planning their future Sybase needs.

Dobler Consulting is focusing heavily on its core competencies in 2011. Sybase is the center of these competencies.

Please contact our office at 813 322 3240 or visit to learn how you can benefit from our extensive experiences in database architecture, database design, data warehouse, database migration, system upgrades and performance tuning.

SharePoint 2010

Over the past few years, Dobler Consulting acquired tremendous experiences and expertise in Microsoft SharePoint deployments. Customer's satisfaction is the deciding factor for our success. So far we are exceeding expectations.

Microsoft quitely rolled out SharePoint 2010 last year and we took the initiative to migrate our branding and customization procedures to the new SharePoint platform. Our SharePoint team has extensive experience in creating SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 farms from scratch.

Ask our experts how we created a worldwide portal for a major corporation with custom branding, customized search centers, secure external access, for hundreds of users.

Please contact our office at 813 322 3240 or visit to learn how you can benefit from our extensive experiences in creating, maintaining and expanding SharePoint farms.

As always, thank you for reading.

Peter Dobler