Newsletter December 2011

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To all my readers, Happy Holidays! I hope your holidays with family and friends are a source of joy this year. During this time, I'm grateful for you, as my loyal email subscribers. Thank you for reading my newsletter, and giving me the opportunity to share technology information to help improve your database skills and knowledge to become more successful.

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New Database Technologies

Everywhere we turn this year, we see database technology companies continuing to grow and expand with new offerings for improving computer systems to help you support your company's important business decisions.

This month's newsletter describes 3 database technologies that offer new promise for improving performance: Sybase® ASE 15.7, Sybase® IQ 15.4, and Microsoft SQL Server® 2012 RC0.

Sybase® ASE.15.7

On September 13th this year, Sybase announced availability of Sybase® Adaptive Server Enterprise® (ASE) 15.7. This is exciting news for our database community. According to Carl Olofson, research vice president at IDC, "Sybase has made significant enhancements to optimize data storage and increase developer productivity in ASE 15.7." "These new features . . . add to ASE's already impressive total cost of ownership."

ASE 15.7 (the most feature-rich release in their history), is offering many new capabilities. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Analyzing Dynamic Parameters
  • Compressing Data in Adaptive Server
  • Creating Non-materialized, Non-null Columns
  • Cursor changes
  • ERP certification on Sybase ASE
  • Expanded Variable-Length Rows
  • Fully Recoverable DDL
  • Large objects changes
  • Like Pattern matching changes
  • Nested select statement enhancements
  • New Adaptive Server Kernel
  • New security features
  • Retaining monitoring data
  • Select for update changes

For more detailed information, see Sybase's full feature list.

Sybase® IQ 15.4

Sybase has also launched the new version of the Sybase IQ high performance column-based analytics database. Sybase IQ® 15.4 is addressing the new generation of Big Data. DBA's and database developers can use this version to store large amounts of unstructured data, and web log information. Sybase tells us we'll be able to use a "have it your way" approach.

Some new capabilities to consider are: a native MapReduce API, Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) support, and integration with Hadoop. You will be able to federate a query between IQ and Hadoop. The new APIs will allow developers to implement in-database algorithms with greater performance results.

PMML capabilities will work with predictive models in industry-standard analytics tools, and then be able to automate their execution in Sybase IQ. These features can also be combined with text and multimedia analytics, using a range of techniques for analyzing big data.

Some other advantages with this new version are:

  • New Java API and new extensions to the C++ APIs, allows implementation of high performance proprietary or certified ISV algorithms in-database.
  • In-database analytics simulation environment eases development and testing.
  • Compression of text data works well with other big data scenarios.
  • Faster bulk loading of large data sets works through ODBC and JDBC interfaces

For more details on Sybase IQ 15.4 see Sybase's what's new datasheet.

SQL Server 2012 (code name "Denali")

Microsoft announced SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC0) last month, with its Cloud offerings.

There are three main SQL Server 2012 editions - Enterprise, BI (Business Intelligence), and Standard. Microsoft is still offering Web Developer and Express versions of SQL Server 2012.

At Dobler Consulting we're seeing some exciting new features with this version:

Cloud Advantages

  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • Data-tier Application Component (DAC) parity and increased object support with SQL Azure
  • SQL Azure DataSync
  • Support for OData

Mission Critical Abilities

  • SQL Server AlwaysOn
  • ColumnStore Index
  • User Defined Roles
  • Distributed Replay

Breakthrough Insight

  • Power View Web-based Data Visualizations
  • BI Semantic Model
  • Data Quality Services
  • Migrate PowerPivot models into SSAS

Our conclusion

Sybase and Microsoft are offering us innovative and exciting new ways to manage our database systems and improve performance.

Download SQL Server 2012 RC0 via this link.

2011 at Doble Consulting

2011 continues to be a productive and successful year for Dobler Consulting. We have the good fortune of working with several new clients in all industries, including some international clients. We are proud to be serving the global technical community.

This year has included more extensive work with one of our favorite technologies -data warehousing. Our business is growing rapidly with additional Sybase projects. Both our Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle clients remain solid, and continue to expand their work with us.

Projects this year with our Sybase, SQL Server, and Oracle clients have expanded our business, and given us the opportunity to reach out to new clients. We thank all of our clients for doing business with us, and supporting our efforts.

As always, thank you for reading. Wishing you continued success in 2012!

Peter Dobler