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Summer is racing by, and 2012 is moving along faster than I had imagined.  I am happy to bring you the first newsletter on our new multi-device website, where you can view content from anywhere. Our “words to the world” are now available on pc’s, tablets, and mobile phones. Please take some time to see our new look on our expanded website at Viewing it from your tablet or smartphone will demonstrate its flexibility. Send me a note if you want a website like this one.

The goal of our newsletter is to bring your latest technology information to improve your organizations’ database systems and performance. We want to thank you for reading our newsletter, and appreciate your continued support.

This month, we are going to share some information about Sybase’s IQ Express Edition, our new team member, and some highlights of a presentation I’ll be giving at SAP® TechED in Las Vegas in October.




Try Out SAP® Sybase’s IQ Express Edition to Learn How Sybase IQ Server Delivers on Performance for your RDBMS

SAP® Sybase’s IQ 15.4 is helping companies deliver lightning speed query performance and slashing database maintenance for their RDBMS. To give developers, designers, and the open source community a chance to try it out, Sybase is offering Sybase IQ Express Edition, at no cost to for Sybase customers. Here is a list of the benefits of using the Express Edition:

  • It supports all options and feature of the Evaluation Edition. The Evaluation Edition provides total access to all features and options in the Enterprise version, and is available for 30 days.
  • The Express Edition, unlike the Evaluation Edition, does not have an expiration date.
  • You’ll have up to 5GB of stored data.
  • You’ll have a new IQ_XE SYSAM license as part of the Express Edition package
  • You can use the Edition with Linus x86-64, Linus on Power, and Windows x86-64 platforms.

It’s intended for:

  • Application developers who want to:
    • evaluate the capabilities of Sybase IQ
    • build analytic applications using Sybase IQ  for development
    • Business Intelligence report designers who want to test reports before putting them into production
    • Open source professionals who want to integrate Sybase IQ with Hadoop and R.

Download a free version of Sybase Express Edition IQ 15.4 for your organization, and try it out. We’d like to hear about your experiences using Sybase Express Edition. If you have any questions about working with it, just let us know.



Jeff Younce, SAP® Sybase IQ, ®ASE Database Administrator Consultant Joins the Team at Dobler Consulting

We would like to introduce our newest team member at Dobler Consulting, Jeff Younce, He comes to us with over 10 over years’ experience in database design, performance tuning, and disaster recovery for databases. He has worked extensively with SAP Sybase®IQ®, Sybase ASE and Replication Server. His expertise also includes Oracle and MS SQL Server®.

Jeff's will be sharing his excellent technical and superb communication skills. His depth of knowledge is extensive, with a proven record of solving problems, and meeting database challenges with great success. He enjoys working directly with clients, helping them with a dedicated attitude, and intensive customer focus.

He began his database administration career in 1999, working for a major health care provider in Atlanta. Jeff also worked in the Washington D.C. area, using his Top Secret clearance to work with highly sensitive Department of Defense information.

Jeff attended the University of South Carolina and Aiken Technical College with an emphasis in Computer Science.

Please connect with Jeff on LinkedIn. We’d be pleased to have you learn about his expertise and our other members on the Dobler Consulting LinkedIn profile.

We welcome Jeff to our team, and are pleased he will be sharing a new perspective, his technical ideas and tips when working with our clients to improve their database systems.



Peter to Speak on “Top Considerations When Migrating from Oracle to SAP Sybase ASE” at SAP® TechED in Las Vegas October 15-19, 2012.

SAP® is holding its premier technology conference with educational sessions on SAP® technologies, including the newest Sybase offerings, analytics, and mobile platforms on October 15-19. If you will be attending the conference, please join me for my presentation on migrating from an Oracle database to SAP Sybase ASE. I am going to be offering practical, hands-on advice about successful database migrations based on my own professional experience. You’ll hear some of my ideas that offer a different focus from last year’s presentation.  Here’s a brief overview of what I will be discussing:

  • You’ll learn suggestions, and methods to a look at how to ensure your business-critical applications are up-and-running as soon as your migration is completed.
  • You’ll have a chance to get the scoop on the possible show stoppers that stand in your way of a successful migration. I will also be discussing how Oracle and Sybase are alike, as well as what their differences are.
  • You’ll learn about how to compare which part of Oracle will be compared with which Sybase product.
  • You’ll hear about what you’ll need for customizing your system, developing workarounds, and what Sybase does to make your work as a DBA much easier during the migration process.

Don't miss this once-a-year chance to join your peers for technical how-to training that's essential to staying competitive and innovative. You’ll hear over 900 global speakers deliver more than 1000 hours of information sessions. SAP Mentors will be sharing their expertise with the attendees about the latest developments in database, analytics, and mobile technologies. For more information about the conference, see SAP’s conference information.



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