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Dobler Consulting Increases Services as SAP Sybase Database Reseller and Solution Provider

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We have at Dobler Consulting about expanding our offerings to resell Sybase . In this month’s newsletter we want to share the details about our new and for customers to acquire products, services, and solutions from us as a single provider. Peter Dobler, our CEO, is leading the effort to sell Sybase products as an added bonus to our consulting services. Our goal is to become “your trusted advisor” by providing both products and to solve your business challenges.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our company information, and let you know how we are growing to give you added benefits.

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Dobler Consulting Increases Services as SAP Reseller and Solution Provider

As a SAP PartnerEdge , a SAP , and a SAP Sybase Reseller, Dobler Consulting is now selling SAP® Sybase® database products in North America.

Under this agreement, Allan is working with our current customers and new prospects to offer Sybase Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE), SAP ® server, SAP Sybase Replication Server®, and Sybase Power Designer to help clients solve their business challenges.  “With our licensing efforts, Dobler Consulting is adding value to our clients,” states Allan—-. Offering SAP Sybase products, along with our solutions provide a triple play win for our clients, SAP Sybase, and our organization.

Expanding our service with reselling SAP Sybase products enables us to give our clients a lower total cost of ownership for existing and new SAP Sybase database technologies. We will provide a single point of contact to make database product purchasing, planning, and performance management become as cost effective as possible.


The products and services we are adding to our consultancy are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your database systems and give you:

  • Lower total cost — receive comprehensive solutions and a maintenance program to fit your budget and needs.
  • Custom business support model — choose the business support model that gives you what you need: Cloud, SaaS, Total IT Outsourcing, or combinations that work for you!
  • Single Vendor Solution — gain access to a complete SAP Sybase database solution portfolio that can include: software, training, financing, applications management, and other value-added services, specifically designed and implemented by our organization.
  • Trusted Customer Advocate —get unbiased professional advice to help you with your decision-making. Our prime purpose is to help you reach your business goals and objectives.
  • Long Term Solutions Expertise — take  advantage of unmatched database consulting expertise with a team of consultants, each averaging 20+ years of experience, who satisfy and implement your specific requirements.
  • Single Point of Contact work directly with us, allowing you to drop the hassle of negotiating multiple parties supporting your environment.
  • Network of Experts Access — benefit from new ideas, and the best practice implementation of database technology that serves you best.


To find out more about Dobler Consulting’s new offerings, watch your inbox for an invitation to a webinar that will show you how the SAP Sybase products can easily handle your specific needs, and why our clients prefer our solutions.

The best way to determine whether we have the right solutions for you is to call us for a free consultation. Call 813 322 3240 or email to, to learn more about how we can support your business needs and add value to your business.

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