Data Connect: Sybase – Strolling Down Memory Lane….

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Data Connect: Sybase - Strolling Down Memory Lane....

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Sybase - Strolling Down Memory Lane

In April of 2010, SAP announced the purchase of Sybase. At the time there was much confusion on what to make of it. In a
January 2011 Newsletter
, I outlined my thoughts on what the acquisition could mean.

In January of 2014, SAP dropped the Sybase name from all its acquired Sybase products to integrate them into the SAP portfolio. In the same year, there was the second to last ISUG-TECH Annual Conference in Atlanta and the emotions ran high.
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At this ISUG-TECH conference, SAP announced the GA of SAP ASE 16. It was a big reveal and the name change issue was quickly replaced with excitement.

Fast forward: Last year SAP announced end of life for support and maintenance (no more bug fixes, security patches or enhancements) for the following products:

  • SAP (Sybase) ASE 16: December 31st 2025
  • SAP (Sybase) Replication Server 16: December 31st 2025
  • SAP (Sybase) IQ 16.1: December 31st 2024
  • SAP (Sybase) SQL Anywhere 17.0: December 31st 2025
  • Earlier end of maintenance dates are in effect for any previous releases and many have already been expired.
Since there are no new releases announced by SAP as of today, 
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Attention Sybase Users

If You Operate a Sybase Database, contact us today!

If support and maintenance matter to you, these dates matter:
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE 16: December 31st 2025
  • SAP (Sybase) Replication Server 16: December 31st 2025
  • SAP (Sybase) IQ 16.1: December 31st 2024
  • SAP (Sybase) SQL Anywhere 17.0: December 31st 2025

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Customer Case Study: Financial Technology Powerhouse Upgrades and Migrates Sybase Database in Record Time


The financial services firm was using Sybase on AIX to run mission-critical processes, but performance and stability issues were becoming increasingly problematic. This system took a lot of manpower to maintain. It also lacked the necessary scaling and performance to improve their processing. They decided to upgrade to the newest version, ASE 16 and to migrate to Linux OS.

Customer Case Study: Leading US Bank Company Moves SAP ASE to AWS for High Availability, Scalability and Cost Savings


This company is one of the largest US banks with 755 branches and multiple financial products. Such a large organization needs an efficient, scalable computing platform. At the time, they were managing their workload with an older version of Sybase on AIX. This required constant management with a dedicated in house data center, and infrastructure team. Updates, patches, and hardware overhauls were becoming costly and time consuming. The company recognized that a cloud platform could increase their team’s productivity and better support the high demands of the financial services business. After careful consideration, they decided to upgrade to the latest version of Sybase (ASE 16) and migrate from AIX to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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