Data Connect – Happy Holidays 2018

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Data Connect - Happy Holidays 2018



Happy Holidays from the Dobler Team

As 2018 comes to an end and the Holidays are approaching, I want to take a moment and reflect on what matters most.

First, a big thank you to our clients for your continued support and trust in our abilities to deliver world class services to your organization. After 10 years in business I can proudly report that the vast majority of clients, who signed up with us in our early days, are still with us. And we are adding new clients on a daily basis. Thank you very much, I truly appreciate your business.

Thank you to our partners. We couldn't do it without you. Many of you are part of Dobler for many years. I appreciate the partnership and your continued support.

And last, but not least, thank you to team Dobler. Our employees are the best. They are giving their all, day in and day out. 24/7 support can be hard, but the team is powering through and doing it at the highest level of quality and services.

From all of us we are wishing you Happy Holidays and the very best for the next year!


Peter Dobler

Founder & CEO


Product/Service Updates


The latest release of XpressInsight™ is currently being rolled out at several customers. Let us know if you are interested in being an early adopter to take advantage of our data quality auditing functionality. Learn more about how XpressInsight works and consider choosing Dobler as your new data warehouse partner. 


With SpectrumDB™ we provide your organization three options for around the clock remote database support. We also provide MSP partners with the option to white label our database support services. Learn more about SpectrumDB™.

Customer Case Study

Administrative Services Company Uses Managed Services to Replace IT Dept



Business Situation: Client needed dedicated IT team to manage Microsoft SQL Server database and backups.

Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation.

Benefits: Low/No Maintenance, Ongoing Support, Maximize Efficiency, Lower Cost Option.



Dobler Consulting is expanding its service portfolio to include SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC. We are including the support and administration of SAP S/4HANA into our managed services offerings. In addition, we are introducing a new tool that will cut the SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA migration effort and cost by up to 90%.


5 Ways MS SQL Server Enhances Data Integrity

We’ve entered a time in which high quality data is at the heart of operating a successful organization. For many companies these days data IS the business. For others, data is a driver. In both scenarios its critical to maximize your data’s efficacy, and this means being sure you can trust that data. I’m talking about data integrity. It’s essential to be able to trust your data, and that means using a database you can trust that is actively working toward ensuring your data.  Microsoft SQL is a longstanding leader in the game. Their database offers top of the line stability and data integrity. If you are concerned about ensuring your data integrity this database might just be right for you.


What You Need to Know to Migrate Your Oracle Database to the Cloud

Many organizations are making the switch from on-prem to cloud databases. These cloud native warehouses can provide more reliable and timely access, cost-efficiency, and automated backup and recovery. If you are using any on-premises version of Oracle Database, you might want to consider whether moving to the Oracle Database Cloud is right for your company. There are numerous migration methods, and the process can be very simple when you work with an expert. Try reviewing these key factors prior to selecting a migration method and save yourself some additional time.

From our Blog

We’re Excited About SQL Server 2019, Here’s Why


Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is out in preview and it’s got some exciting new features. When Microsoft announced the release at their Ignite 2018 conference on Sept 24th, we couldn’t wait to see what was in store. This newest offering will continue to build on the solid foundation of SQL servers while expanding offerings of flexibility and further embracing big data by adding support for Kubernetes, Apache Spark, and Hadoop clusters.

Reducing Application Errors with Application Continuity


The database and application work hand in hand. When a client interacts with features on your website the application calls back to the database, and the database responds by giving it the right information or action. It’s a well-orchestrated conversation. When something happens that stops the conversation the application doesn’t get what it needs and the customer receives an error. This is where application continuity comes in. The idea is to enable maximum continuous communication between the application and your database instances even if there is an outage. This is a massive step in maintaining data integrity and improving the end user experience.

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