Where Sybase DBA Meet

Looking for something specific?

In its latest effort to organize Sybase DBA, Sybase relays on the power of one of the oldest social networks Xing. This network was first started in Europe as a vehicle to connect business professionals. Sybase selected Xing due to its globale reach. Xing members are connected around the globe in over 16 languages.

Of course LinkedIn and its latest follower Plaxo are much larger regarding its member base, but both networks are US focused and do not appeal to non english speaking members.

Xing is the perfect partner for Sybase to support its global presence. I am a member of Xing Sybase DBA Group to connect with other Sybase DBA. I encourage every Sybase DBA to register with XIng and signing up to the Sybase DBA Group.

See you at Xing.