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Sybase TechWave 2010 and SAP

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You couldn’t help noticing the huge new logo “ an SAP Company” towering over the huge conference agenda sign. Just days before the annual conference, the official announcement of the purchase by SAP was released. Unlike other takeovers, this one is widely viewed as a win-win situation for both SAP and . SAP gets its own database engine and avoids a hostage situation by Oracle. Sybase, who slowly drifted into irrelevancy, is in the spotlight again. The mood on the floor was very upbeat and the acquisition by SAP was view overwhelmingly positive.


I personally believe that this will not only revive Sybase, but also many independent Sybase consultants, who were forced to pursue different avenues to pay their bills. This was mostly due to the lack of Sybase projects. The only projects that were available were , from Sybase to something else. The recent uptick in requests for Sybase development resources lets me believe that we are at the beginning of a big turnaround.


With the new owner SAP, many product development are changing rapidly. Some of the most apparent changes can be found in Sybase .

Sybase Replication Server 15.5 Highlights

  • Real-Time Replication into Sybase IQ
  • OLTP transaction bundling replication (Patent Pending)
  • 2 dozen Oracle replication improvements.


Other important new features can be found in and Sybase IQ:


Sybase ASE 15.5 Highlights

  • Multiple simultaneous failover
  • Distributed transaction management in the shared-


Sybase ASE 15.5 Highlights

  • In-Memory and Relaxed-Durability Databases
  • Faster Compression for Backups
  • Transfer
  • bigdatetime and Datatypes
  • Creating and Managing tempdb Groups


Sybase IQ 15.2 Highlights

  • Full text searching
  • Large object management enhancements
  • CIS performance enhancements
  • Microsecond support for date and
  • New SQL:2008 OLAP functions
  • New time series and forecasting functions
  • Command line initialization (iqinit) utility
  • Server startup -xd switch
  • Thread infrastructure improvements


These are just the latest enhancements of the data management product line of Sybase. If you’re still on a pre 15.x release of any of these products you should seriously consider an upgrade.

As a Sybase System Integrator, Dobler Consulting has the experience and the back-end support from Sybase to tackle even the toughest upgrade projects.


Until next time, thanks for listening,
Peter Dobler

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