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Remote Database Service: Empowerment For Your DBA

By June 14, 2016 One Comment
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Consider your (DBA). Most DBAs spend their workdays on capacity planning, installation, configuration, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, backup, and data recovery — after they have resolved all the trouble tickets and answered all the panic-stricken user calls.

How much more rewarding would the DBA’s job be if she were able to spend her time on database design, data architecture, and aligning your database with the needs of your business? How much more productive would your business be if the DBA were freed from the tasks of logging file management, database sizing, service pack upgrades, and service patches?

The Dobler Remote DBA Service, SpectrumDB, relieves the DBA of all that busy work and refocuses his job on the mission of your business. In other words, it elevates both the DBA’s vision of the enterprise and his responsibility for its success.

Frankly, we sometimes find the DBA to be the greatest skeptics to implementation of the Remote Data Service. Some DBAs fear that losing control of the infrastructure work will make their jobs less important or secure. In reality, the opposite is true. Here are some of the low-level responsibilities that the Dobler Remote DBA Service, SpectrumDB, eliminates for your DBA:

  • licensing
  • certifications
  • maintenance
  • support
  • capacity planning
  • performance issues
  • monitoring
  • trouble tickets

That is why we say that Dobler Remote Data Service empowers your DBA. A DBA who takes responsibility for aligning the database with your business converts a job focused on maintenance to one with a much wider vision. And that means a future with fewer limitations and more responsibility.

But Dobler Remote DBA Service doesn’t just empower the DBA. It makes sense for the business, too. Look at it this way. When you need electricity, you don’t build a power plant, you stick a plug into an outlet and buy only as much as you need. Why deal with power phases, load profiles, transmission issues, atmospheric emissions, or line maintenance when the power company already does it? Your Dobler Remote DBA Service works by a similar principle to serve the database needs of your business. It eliminates the management of infrastructure and platforms.

Your Dobler Remote DBA Service is one of the most flexible in the business. It is geared towards and medium businesses that have a one or more applications running on one or more servers. It covers a wide range of platforms:

your organization has enrolled in the service, production, development, and testing are there at your disposal, and because you only use what you need at the time you need it, you get it all at a lower cost than you have ever experienced.

Unlike other managed service setups, Dobler ’s approach to managed services is change record free. In many cases, adding additional servers to an infrastructure will not result in higher fees.

Your Dobler remote database team has developed monitoring to a high art, and they know how to keep system alerts from becoming performance problems, so downtime is dramatically reduced. The few issues that do arise are typically fixed within short period of time.

All of this translates to a more focused business, and empowerment for your DBA to assume a more mission-critical role in the business.


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