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Relax: Legacy Sybase is Alive and Kicking

By April 8, 2014 No Comments

Yesterday I caused a stir with the post “SAP Dropped the Sybase Name“. Well, gauging by the responses I got, it sounds like I announced the death of , which is not true. To be clear. retired the Sybase name and NOT the technology. In fact legacy Sybase technology plays an integral part of the SAP HANA Framework.

In case you missed it: SAP changed the product names for legacy .

For example: became SAP and now it is only SAP ASE. All the product names remained the same, only the brand name changed. Everything that used to have Sybase as the brand name is now SAP. Makes sense from a SAP point of view and frankly, it is the right thing to do. Incorporating the brand into SAP signals the longevity of the products. E.g. ASE, IQ, Rep Server, etc.

There is a lot to be proud of. SAP ASE has now more licenses installed than ever before. It is the fastest growing database in the SAP market. SAP IQ is pulverizing existing world records time after time and is setting new standards that are extremely tough to beat.

So, please join me next week at ISUG-TECH Annual Conference in , April 14-17, to celebrate the continuing success of the legacy Sybase technology. Now powered by SAP.

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