Remote Workers; Increased Endpoints – A pandemic of data security drives workplaces to the Oracle Cloud



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Business landscapes have been changing rapidly in recent years, and none saw a more dramatic shift than in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to restructure their approach within the workplace.  Suddenly, most businesses were scrambling to adopt remote working practices and dealing with business-critical data passing through millions of home networks.  This huge increase in network endpoints could result in various security vulnerabilities.  To combat these issues, companies are shifting even more attention to secure public cloud providers like Oracle Cloud.  Oracle’s speed and security are helping to fill the gap and provide peace of mind for companies thrown into the forefront of innovation.

The Changing Landscape

Private data centers rely heavily on perimeter defenses for security. When the first generation of public cloud was released, many offerings utilized a similar architecture.  These new design principles maximized the usage of expensive data center equipment, which illuminated new challenges when applied to public cloud designs.

As a result, some sectors of enterprise have been hesitant to move their most mission-critical workloads to the cloud.  First-generation offerings focused more heavily on performance and were less prepared to handle the increased vulnerabilities of cloud accessibility.  However, the pandemic has spurred radical developments and given these companies a push to adopt these innovative updates.

Redesigned with Security in Mind

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a top public cloud provider that gives businesses across the spectrum access to affordable, reliable, and secure networks.  OCI is uniquely architected with security in mind. This makes it perfect for the enterprise client looking to shore up concerns of increasing endpoint vulnerability.  The second-generation infrastructure-as-a-service has been reimagined from the ground up utilizing security forward principles to ensure a highly secure environment with industry-leading performance and availability.

The Benefits of OCI Gen 2

The second-generation offering has now deployed across all data centers within the OCI network.  It utilizes a redesigned visualization stack and increased tenant isolation to reduce client risks.  This involves isolating tenants from each other as well as from the cloud provider.  Both bare metal and virtual machine (VM) options work with the same general components (server hardware, primary software, firmware, and network infrastructure).

Recently the security company Cybereason selected OCI as their preferred cloud provider for their Cybereason Defense Platform.  This partnership paved the way for global scalability and fast, microsecond latency as major benefits.[i]

Security Starts at the Source - Physical Security at the Data Centers

Data centers that are included in the Oracle OCI network are carefully vetted and selected to ensure physical security, stability, and redundancy.  Vendors are evaluated based on the environment and its surroundings, including the potential for environmental threats, power availability, geopolitical concerns, and the vendor’s reputation and history.  Once past the risk-evaluation, vendors receive extensive training, continual monitoring, and assessments to ensure they align with the appropriate standards.  These include the Uptime Institute and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) ANSI-TIA-942-A Tier 3 or Tier 4 standards and follow N2 redundancy practices.  Datacenter security is designed with multiple layers of consideration, from the building itself to the staff inside, creating a robust and secure data center for Oracle’s network.

Redesigning your company’s workplace means rethinking your database systems and infrastructure. Increasing endpoints doesn’t have to mean increasing headaches. Security-conscious public cloud offerings, like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, can help shore up endpoints where you need it most.[ii]

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