Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Database Gets a Boost with a New Dedicated Deployment Service



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Oracles Autonomous Database was a huge transformation in database management and cloud services. This offering provided a more hands off and automated management experience to enable companies to spend less time and energy on ongoing database management tasks and more effort on strategic development. But there were some concerns from enterprise level companies that stopped higher adoption rates. Now, Oracle is releasing more capabilities to help these enterprise level customers isolate their databases for a more customized, dedicated service.

Serverless Database – The original offering, Autonomous Database Serverless, is incredibly flexible and hassle-free. The service takes care of infrastructure and maintenance needs with a minimal amount of oversight and configuration. This is great for those customers without a complicated data management system, but for enterprise level customers in need of a more customized experience, this offering proved too limited.

Dedicated Database – Now Oracle is rolling out the new Dedicated Deployment service to accommodate more customization and specification. This service provides private cloud hosting within the Oracle Exadata infrastructure hosted on Oracle’s Public Cloud. This means that each customer’s private cloud space is completely isolated, giving them more flexibility when it comes to managing multiple data sources or customizing service timelines. It also provides more peace of mind for those clients concerned about security aspects of cloud hosting. Considering the impact of security breaches, this is no small consideration. In fact, security concerns are probably one of the primary reasons companies are dragging their feet in cloud adoption. This dedicated space is giving those companies an added layer of comfort and is sure to increase migration from on-prem to cloud environments.

Versatility in the Dedicated Database – Using the dedicated database service means a little bit more configuration and management from your DBA or management service. This extra attention means more versatility in functionality for many clients. Once purchased, the private Exadata Infrastructure is available to be customized according to the needs of your company. This means partitioning the infrastructure into container databases (CBDs) or clusters and setting the patch schedule. Multiple partitions are not necessary but can be extremely useful for managing different workloads.

Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Database re-envisioned the landscape of database and data warehouse hosting and maintenance. This groundbreaking product truly brings innovation to the data management sector. One of the main goals in innovation these days is automation, that is streamlining processes to maximize efficiency and utilize talent for more high-level tasks than routine maintenance. This doesn’t mean that DBAs and management services are obsolete, but it means that the landscape is changing. With automated services, these professionals are able to focus time and resources on the most effective management tasks, like optimization and tuning, threat monitoring, and health assessments and improvement strategies. When your budget isn’t concerned with routine maintenance, it can be refocused to improvement and forward-thinking aspects of your data management and workload strategy.

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