ISUG-TECH Annual Conference 2014 – A Stellar Inaugural Performance

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ISUG2014Dobler Consulting just completed their first major sponsorship of a major event and we are happy that it was the ISUG-TECH Conference in Atlanta. To summarize the inaugural ISUG-TECH Conference 2014 in one word, outstanding. That was the feedback we got from the attendees and also from our fellow sponsors. Yes, at first it felt like a huge family reunion as attendees arrived at the hotel on Sunday for the per-conference workshops and on Monday for the conference itself. But the high spirits continued after the attendees enjoyed high quality workshops and presentations. I believe there was not a single presentation that didn't get the highest marks.

An outstanding keynote session on Tuesday morning set the stage for the conference. ISUG-TECH's own Mike Harrold kicked off the event followed by Irfan Khan, who did an excellent job explaining the new landscape within SAP and its database technologies, especially how ASE, IQ and Replication Server fit into the HANA platform. It is important for long time Sybase loyals to understand the future of their products, this includes ASE, IQ, Replication Server, PowerDesigner, PowerBuilder and SQL Anywhere. Richard Pledereder then took us into the future of ASE and deep into the new features of ASE 16, which was launched at the event. It became instantly clear, people were thirsty for a die-hard technical conference with quality content and quality speakers. ISUG-TECH delivered and the team put together a well organized event.

3 days of presentations and 2 days of pre and post conference workshops offered more than 150 hours of content and multiple full day workshops. All the presentations have been video taped and will be available for replay to all attendees and ISUG-TECH Gold Members. Obviously it is too late to register for the event , but you can always sign up as a ISUG-TECH Gold Member and access the videos as well as the presentations.

Go to and sign up today to enjoy the ISUG-TECH videos.

From a sponsor point of view, Dobler Consulting is very happy with the event. We took a chance and supported the event early on. It was a great event to connect with clients and make new connections alike. Yes, the event didn't feature the over-crowded hallways of TechEd, but the lack of quantity was quickly replaced with quality. The event exceeded our expectations.

It was a long week in Atlanta, but well worth it. Dobler Consulting will be back, as a sponsor, vendor and with presentations and workshops by our expert consultants. You might have it missed this year, there is no excuse if you miss it again next year.

Thank you for your continued support.