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Managing your data is only part of the story. Understanding your business and gathering insights means a strategic intelligence strategy. Traditional CRM and ERP may be doing just what you need, but the expanded offerings of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 are taking this strategy to the next level. This intelligent cloud connects many different data sources and centralizes your intelligence to give you unprecedented access to proactive insights. Here is a quick look at how MS Dynamics 365 can help you boost your capabilities.

The Common Data Model Improves Reporting and Insights

The major difference with Dynamics 365 is the common data model that gives you a centralized view of your data. Traditional siloed reports are limited in scope, and even more so when you are utilizing different products for CRM and ERP capabilities. But today’s company is more focused on the customer experience, and to truly understand the whole journey of a customer requires insights and intelligence to be coordinated and accessible. With Dynamics 365 you can access a holistic view of your data for truly actionable insights.

Intelligent Insights Integrate with Your Business Processes

Speaking of insights, Dynamics 365 helps you gather both dynamic and intelligent conclusions. Dynamics 365 uses AI to generate advanced insights that can then be integrated into your business processes and applications. It’s an incredibly powerful boost. If you are using Power BI, Power Apps, or Microsoft Flow, your Dynamics 365 insights can be integrated into these products to create better insights, smarter apps, and reactive workflows.

Cloud-Based and Accessible

Another beneficial aspect of Dynamics 365 is its accessibility. It’s important to be able to utilize your data, otherwise, why are you bothering? Some tools expect you to go through lengthy deployment cycles before really gaining tangible value from the software. That’s not the case with Dynamics 365. This service is quick to spin up, easy to use, and accessible via the cloud to your organization wherever, whenever they need. You just login to the API online and you’re in.

There are several modules within Dynamics 365. Your company is not restricted to a one and done approach. Instead, pick and choose the tools that will be valuable to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an impressive array of capabilities for the business owner utilizing both CRM and ERP applications. As tools and technologies evolve, it is becoming clear that more streamlining and centralizing your solutions can improve efficiency and productivity. The common data model does just that. If you are interested in more information about business management and intelligence products to streamline your workflow, let us know.

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