3 Top Analytics Tools To Boost Your Productivity

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Data analytics have become a major focus for companies determined to be competitive in the market. Leaders need to be able to access and analyze timely data quickly to help drive business decisions that will sustain their companies’ competitive advantage. Thankfully, the growing technology market continues to make this possible. Companies already have numerous analytics tools to choose from, and the options will continue to grow. We will now discuss three of the top analytics tools you should consider before making your next strategic move.

1. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) – SSAS is an innovative processing and data mining tool within the Microsoft SQL Server. It analyzes large amounts of data, provides business intelligence reports, and can be used to create business models to support business decisions. All data is stored within a data warehouse, and users can access to create cubes that allow faster analysis. These cubes are multi-dimensional and can be viewed in various ways. Imagine the data as a pivot table that can be modified using certain dimensions and attributes. Multi-dimensional expression (MDX) is the language used to query a cube. Compared to other leading analytics tools, Microsoft SSAS is less complex and much easier to use. The 2017 version provides increased security, new features to simplify certain queries, and many more desired enhancements.

2. Oracle Advanced Analytics – Oracle Advanced Analytics focuses on making big data analytics simple. With new algorithms and increased data mining capabilities, Oracle created a tool with strong predictive analytics designed to give its users more confidence in future possibilities. Because it’s a breed between two of Oracle’s other analytic products, its features are more sophisticated than the average analytics tool. You can use it to estimate future product demand, predict customer behavior, and even reduce fraud. This powerful tool is compatible with SQL and R languages and is a part of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. This makes it easy to integrate analytics into all of the enterprise applications.

3. Azure Data Lake Analytics – This analytics system is part of Microsoft Azure Data Lake, a public cloud service that specializes in providing insight into large, complex data sets. Contrasting with the traditional data warehousing approach, the Data Lake is capable of storing all data regardless of requirements or relationships. The analytics tool can be used by any developer and is both fast and scalable. It’s compatible with U-SQL language. Designed to simplify big data on demand, Azure Data Lake Analytics can handle jobs of any scale instantly. It’s capable of performing analytics only on the data you need, which is good news as Azure’s unique pricing structure reflects this. You only have to pay for the processing power you use, which leaves the door open for a huge savings potential.

Be Patient
Choosing a new data analytics tool can take time. You need to have some ideas in mind as to how your company can best use analytics to improve its place in the market. Do you want to launch a new product but don’t have data to support its feasibility? Do you need data to analyze the success of a new product release? Would you like more confidence in leadership’s decision to expand to another location? There are infinite questions analytics can answer for you. As you ponder these questions, also consider the size of your organization and how much data will need to be housed. Some analytics tools were created to handle big data and others not so much. As you begin to work through the process, you will learn how data analytics can help your company and find the best tool to help you get started. At Dobler Consulting, our first-hand experience with the database analytics tools means that you can forget the guesswork. With our expert knowledge and experience we can help strategize and deploy your advanced database tools. Whether you are ready to go or just starting your search, give us a call, we love to chat about tech! To learn more about how Dobler Consulting can help you choose the ideal analytics tool, visit www.doblerconsulting.com or call us at +1 (813) 322-3240 (US)/+1 (416) 646-0651 (Canada).

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