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2018 Trends for Database and Data Management – Six Months Later (Trend 3)

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More Companies Will Die From indigestion Than From Starvation


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It’s True – companies today are swimming in data. And all the while, they are spending more money to create data, store data, manage data and secure data. Plus, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Everything (IoE)  thing, is really just getting started.

Data lakes, warehouses and silos are increasingly becoming obsolete words in the modern vocabulary of . A new approach of data architecture that facilitates orchestrating, securing and rapidly deploying data from various structured and unstructured sources to create actionable value is emerging.

When data doubles every two years, the new tools and approaches to data management, real-time and actionable solutions will no longer be nice-to-have. They will be got-to-have. data now is now a two-edged sword, it presents an existential opportunity and an existential crisis for your company.

Want to avoid the crisis and leverage the opportunity?


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