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2018 Trends for Database and Data Management – Six Months Later (Trend 1)

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Enterprise platforms are expected to expand beyond traditional models to include non-relational alternative models


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Six months in, it seems quaint now to say that the world of non-relational has exploded. Customers now expect general purpose database platforms will support a whole new level of workloads and functions. This is driven in part by the emergence of the non-relational technologies of NoSQL and Hadoop and the creative force to extract new value from .

The new standard is the ability to use multiple data types, video, graph and spatial capabilities, in addition to data virtualization and data virtualization support. data analysis is now the norm and no longer the exception.

Six months in, is it safe to say we are at the acceptance level of this trend but implementation and vision remains another matter?  Want to find out more about how your company can leverage the power of non-relational data and your database platform?


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