Better Business Decisions through Data Quality Scoring

Every company has bad data…

The challenge is knowing exactly where the data holes are and plugging them.

Better Business Decisions through Data Quality Scoring.

XpressInsight’s Data Quality Scoring helps organizations make better business decisions. Imagine having a report that pinpoints the bad data elements in your database or data warehouse. Our rules-based scoring system gives you the pinpoint accuracy into the issues that need attention.

Our scoring system ranks the quality of your data from 0 to 100. As your data gets cleaner, your score improves. When business outcomes improve, go ahead and draw the correlation. The better your XpressInsight Data Quality Score, the better opportunity for improved business outcomes.

Data Quality Scoring with XpressInsight:
  • Score data as it is input into the repository
  • Assess data integrity through the score, e.g. 72% clean data
  • Understand the delta with specific source data insight
  • When you clean it up the data, your score increases
  • CIO visibility on Data Warehouse quality score
  • Draw correlation to business results improvement
  • Turn your Data Warehouse into a profit center!

XpressInsight’s Dynamic Data Model

XpressInsight is rich with data elements that every Data Warehouse developer wants but usually runs out of time on the typical DW project.

  1. It’s easy to combine multiple data sources into the XI framework. It’s like Lego modules.
  2. You can define which data elements should be used in any repository and which business rules will be applied.
  3. The framework allows the DW developer to move data elements around easily.
  4. The system tracks every data element. It always knows exactly where data came from, when the last time it was uploaded with complete history trail.
  5. Data Quality Audit allows you to define if a data element is not accurate at any attribute level so that you understand the impact on the system. You can score attribute levels low, medium or high.


XpressInsight is a Cloud Solution


Secure, HIPAA,  PCI, SOC 1 & SOC 2 Compliant Cloud Hosted Solution with On-Premise Installations Available


Retrieve Data from Multiple Data Sources into a Single Compliant Data Warehouse


Standardized Auditing and Data Encryption Ensure Security and Compliance


High Speed Change Data Capture Loads Faster than Tradition Methods

  • Fully Managed Cloud Platform
  • Standard SLA w/ 99.99% Uptime
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance
  • SOC 1, SOC 2, SOX, HIPAA, FIPS 140-20
  • PCI, CJIS, ITAR & Safe Harbor

  • Lineage System
  • Error Event System
  • Standardized ETL Control Process
  • Pre-defined Reports
  • Self Service Business Intelligence

When you sign up for XpressInsight, we build it for you in the cloud while you run your current Data Warehouse in parallel. Complete this form and let us show you how XpressInsight can help with your data quality.

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