Product Resale and License Management

Simplify Database License Procurement and Compliance

Dobler Consulting makes getting and maintaining the right licenses simple

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We Make the Process of Buying and Managing Database Software Licenses Easy

Purchasing and maintaining the proper licenses and user agreements for your technology is essential for keeping your database—and your business—running smoothly. With the right partner, database software license procurement, compliance and management becomes a hassle-free process that you no longer need to worry about.

Database Software Resale and License Management by Dobler Consulting

As your database software license management partner, Dobler Consulting provides expert assistance with the acquisition, management and proper implementation of SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle products. Our goal is to connect you with software that best fits your current and future needs, then provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge, best practices and tools to make the most of your investment. Additionally, we ensure that your licenses are kept current and compliant, and act as a convenient point of contact for vendor interactions.


Why Choose Dobler Consulting for Your License Management Needs?

As a trusted provider of database software asset management services, Dobler Consulting helps you acquire and maintain product licenses that meet your needs and goals. Our license management and maintenance support includes:

Experience how easy database license procurement and maintenance can be