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Benefit from Years of Successful Database Migrations and Deployments

Moving your data from one database to another can seem like a simple task in the beginning, but it can get very complicated very quickly as you dig into the processes and systems. Often, differences in functionality, architecture, workload management or other factors can make database migration an epic task—especially when moving from an older database to a state-of-the-art system. Our team of database technology experts have performed countless migration and deployment projects, and will leverage that expertise to make yours a streamlined and seamless process.


Database Migration and Deployment by Dobler Consulting

We start by developing a migration strategy that ensures the entire project goes smoothly and according to your unique business needs. Once the plan is in place, we begin transferring the data by utilizing proven practices that minimize downtime but ensure the integrity of the data throughout the process. After the transfer is complete, we put your new database through extensive testing to ensure the new environment is stable, secure and running at its maximum potential.

We provide expert database migration services for example:

Sybase to SQL Server
SQL Server to Oracle
Oracle to Sybase
Sybase to Oracle
Oracle to SQL Server


Learn why Dobler Consulting is the Leader in database migration

As experts in SAP Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra, Dobler Consulting engineers will lead you through the process of database migration and deployment. Our migration and deployment services include: