Data Masking Software Integration Services

Safeguard Personal Information while Performing Tests or Analysis

Protect personally identifiable data from improper access and use with Dobler Consulting

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Data Making Lets You Leverage Data while Staying Compliant with Regulations

Data masking allows you to work with sensitive data while anonymizing personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers or private medical data from potential loss or misuse. This means you can still gain useful insights and develop applications that handle sensitive data while safeguarding privacy and remaining compliant with regulations. Rely on Dobler Consulting to integrate and implement data masking software that protects PII or other confidential information that might be used in dev-test ops, training, off-shoring or other scenarios.

Data Masking Software Integration Services by Dobler Consulting

For data masking to be effective, the format of the data needs to remains the same, but the values themselves are encrypted, shuffled or redacted are changed in a way that makes reverse engineering them extremely difficult—if not impossible. Many vendors offer data masking software, and Dobler Consulting engineers can help ensure you select the correct solution and implement it in a way that keeps PII protected and your organization compliant with regulations.


Masking Applications

Select, procure and implement BI data masking applications



Ensure data can be safely used for development, training or sharing with out-sourcing partners



Implement formatting rules that transform data while maintaining referential integrity


Generate Scripts

Generate scripts to scan databases for sensitive data and rank results based on matching criteria



Deploy masking rules that are automatically applied when the administrator masks the database