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BI Reporting that Helps You Transform Raw Data into Actionable Analytics

BI reporting tools empower you to manage and analyze data, then generate products drive the decision-making process. But, there are many types of reporting tools and dashboards available, and picking one that fits your organizational structure and needs can be a challenge. Similarly, integrating BI reporting software with your existing data environment is not always as straightforward as it seems. Dobler Consulting delivers a full range of BI reporting services—from consulting on the best reporting tools and managing vendor relationships, to streamlining your back-end systems to clean and validate data, to integrating and optimizing BI visualization tools so that they deliver relevant and usable information.

BI Reporting Software Integration Services by Dobler Consulting

There are many BI software tools on the market, and some—depending on your organization’s database environment, reporting requirements and budget—work better than others. Dobler Consulting stands ready to assist your organization with selecting and procuring the right solutions, properly integrating applications to avoid common mistakes, designing or optimizing BI strategy, developing scripts to extract relevant data and more.

Dobler Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft’s PowerBI platform helps businesses and organizations visualize and understand their data. Intuitive and user friendly, PowerBI transforms the way people utilize data to make informed decisions and solve real-world problems. Contact a Dobler Consulting representative to learn more about PowerBI and how we can help you get started.

Learn how Dobler Consulting can make BI software integration a quicker and easier process

Why Choose Dobler Consulting as Your BI Reporting Services Partner?

Dobler Consulting helps organizations like yours choose and integrate tools that allow you to visualize and analyze data and drive your growth strategy. Regardless of whether you use SAP Business Intelligence, Oracle Hyperion, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Reporting Tools or other BI reporting tools, we’re ready to lend our knowhow and expertise. Our BI reporting software integration services include:

Consultation on selecting and purchasing BI reporting software

Creating of ETL processes, scripts and other data management frameworks .svg

Integration of BI reporting software into your data environment

Accessing programming features so you can customize your reporting functionality

Establishment of data governance and security rules in regards to reporting

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