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Customer Case Study: Leading Healthcare Provider Uses Managed Services to Support Sybase ERM

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Situation: ERM on needed level 1 support. Client’s current administrators (DBAs) were taxed and losing productivity. Needed more experts.

Solution: Dobler ’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation.

Benefits: Gained Sybase Expertise, Increased Productivity, Cost Effective.

Business Challenge

Healthcare is challenging enough without the added pressure of large scale database . One of the leading healthcare organizations recently learned this lesson. Their are on an EMR application on Sybase AIX. They realized their DBAs were bogged down with mundane on-call tech support. They were having trouble maintaining knowledgeable staff for these issues. Fewer people these days can claim expertise in Sybase, and the lack of available resources meant that this company needed help. They reached out to SAP and were referred to one of the top Sybase experts, Dobler Consulting.


The solution for this company is a Managed Services contract with Dobler Consulting. They are able to utilize Dobler’s team and expert Sybase knowledge to maintain the database on the back end. As a healthcare provider, it is vital that records be accessible at a moment’s notice. That is why it is so crucial to have support that is capable of handling issues as they arise. Dobler’s team gives them that peace of mind.


Since implementing the Managed Services, this client has alleviated the pain of rotational on call. The taxing support issues are no longer straining their resources. Now their internal DBAs can focus on strategic efforts rather than on reactionary support calls. They are able to increase their productivity and maintain the database with maximum ‘up’ time. As for HIPPA, Dobler’s strict 3-layer protection policy means that information is safe and secure. Patient is securely restricted, and this client can rest easy knowing that their database is maintained in expert hands.

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