Financial Technology Powerhouse Upgrades and Migrates Sybase Database in Record Time


Case Studies

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Business Situation: Older hardware and software were taxing resources with poor performance and stability.

Solution: Migrate from AIX to Linux and upgrade to latest Sybase version (ASE 16).

Benefits: Performance Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance.

Business Challenge

The financial services firm was using Sybase on AIX to run mission-critical processes, but performance and stability issues were becoming increasingly problematic. This system took a lot of manpower to maintain. It also lacked the necessary scaling and performance to improve their processing. They decided to upgrade to the newest version, ASE 16 and to migrate to Linux OS. This decision was just the first step. Now they were faced with the issue of time. The client needed to complete the project within just a few months so they could have the system back up and running for year end processing. With a short window in which to complete the project, they needed a partner who could act fast. Dobler Consulting stood out as a Sybase expert who could help steer them toward the smoothest and quickest implementation.


Dobler Consulting worked together with the company to plan and implement the IT project in an unprecedented amount of time. Using templates planned from expertise and experience, Dobler’s team coordinated and swiftly executed the project. Dobler worked with their internal team to design a new system that works faster than ever with performance tuning and simplified maintenance. In just 2 months they had their new system up and running. Over 18 servers were migrated from outdated hardware to a cutting edge system with an all-flash array. The new system has dramatically improved bandwidth performance, latency and stability.


The client is pleased to report the successful migration enabled business processes to continue in a timely manner. The system now boasts cutting edge technology with the capacity to scale and grow as needed. They have simplified the day to day maintenance allowing the team improved productivity. With improved stability and performance, this financial technology firm is able to focus on what matters most.

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