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Business Situation: Routine Maintenance requiring too much time. Pulled focus from client project tasks. Needed less hands-on maintenance.

Solution: Migrate from Azure to AWS and use Dobler Consulting for ongoing managed services.

Benefits: Performance Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance.

Business Challenge

This client is a premier supplier of premium customer loyalty software. The team spends their time designing and implementing custom software solutions for their clients, but they recently found themselves devoting more and more time to their internal solutions. Their IT infrastructure required frequent attention for routine maintenance and support. This attention took time and focus away from client facing activities and decreased productivity. The team needed a solution to handle the day-to-day maintenance that would free them up for more strategic work. The client had devised a corporate strategy to migrate from Azure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to minimize maintenance needs. They used this opportunity to add Dobler Consulting for their ongoing support.


Dobler began their relationship with the company to support their database migration from Azure to AWS. Dobler’s team managed a successful migration and proved to be a valuable partner throughout the process. During the migration, Dobler managed the company’s IT requirements and saw that the client was being taxed internally by ongoing maintenance. Both Dobler and the client recognized the need for an improved database support structure. Dobler helped realize their needs and designed a managed services solution to stabilize their support requirements. Now Dobler Consulting continues to handle ongoing maintenance and database support for this firm so that their team can focus on client projects.


Since implementing the migration and managed services contract, the company has found its team better equipped to focus on the client needs. Their attention is no longer divided among internal IT requirements. They are thrilled to report increased profits as a result. They are now free to focus their time and energy where it should be; on the client.

Dobler Consulting is a database management and consulting firm specializing in Sybase, Microsoft SQL and Oracle systems. Their services range from single project assistance to ongoing managed services. For more information visit them online at or call 1 (813) 322-3240.

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