What Can AI Do for You?



Looking for something specific?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms are continually increasing in their sophistication and application. These programs are designed to utilize input to learn and evolve, rewriting themselves and building in their capabilities. When used for a specific task, AI and machine learning programs get better and faster as they go, learning and growing more familiar with the data set, trends, and patterns of their workload. This has exciting applications for businesses looking to speed up processing, analyze big data, and reduce workloads on human resources. From improved automation to customer outreach and security, here are 10 ways AI can help any business.

1. Automation – AI is great at taking over routine tasks and automating time-consuming workloads. From virtual automation, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to machining and manufacturing, AI can take over many tasks once relegated to the grunt work pile. Programs and machines run by AI don’t get tired, don’t get bored, and don’t make human errors. This makes them particularly valuable for handling dangerous or hazardous tasks in industry and manufacturing.

2. Forecasting – Knowing how much to produce comes down to accurate forecasting. That is, analyzing sales trends to see how much product you anticipate moving in a given time. All businesses do this, whether or not they are consciously aware of the task. In particularly volatile markets, or where product storage becomes an issue (perishable, cost prohibitive), AI can provide more sophisticated forecasting by using predictive analysis.

3. Security – AI and machine learning algorithms pose significant opportunities for security. These programs can monitor points of ingress and egress for your database systems and applications, learning from patterns and readily identifying suspicious behavior. The amount of data to analyze is astounding, and AI can filter through this big data in ways that traditional programs or human monitors cannot match.

4. Marketing – Artificial intelligence can help companies make the most out of their advertising dollars by targeting the right viewers for the right ads. By analyzing patterns in visitation and sales, and cross referencing with patterns of location, demographics, other interests, etc., these programs can create more comprehensive customer profiles so that you know where more than ever before who is really interested in hearing your message, what advertising platforms are really working, and how to strategically manage your advertising budget for the best effect.

5. Customer Service – The next level of customer service is a big buzz word right now, customer experience. That means identifying and empathizing with your customers and creating a start to finish experience that exceeds their expectations. Artificial intelligence can help your team manage customer service through more efficient operations processes, reducing timelines and cost. The technology can provide efficient automated Q&A services, and monitor customer behavior to create personalized recommendations, actionable tips, and more. Give your customers personalized service with AI.

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and is quickly revolutionizing business and marketing. The exciting applications of this technology open up business to more efficiently utilize big data and automate routine tasks, giving companies actionable intelligence, better tools, and more brainpower to accomplish their next step goals. Dobler Consulting LLC is a leading provider of database services, premier software development, and information technology support, servicing clients ranging from small businesses to FORTUNE companies across multiple industry verticals. For more information about how Dobler Consulting can help you understand AI and its applications, visit DoblerConsulting.com or call us at +1 (813) 322-3240 (US) /+1 (416) 646-0651 (Canada).