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Get Around the Clock Database Support at an Affordable Price.

Traditional remote database support services offer services based on your install base, if you need it or not. We offer a new approach to a database managed services that goes beyond the databases and covers the entire user experience of any application.


Remote DBA Support Plans and Pricing


We Support These Systems


Discover the Difference Managed Oracle Database Services Can Have on Your Business

The basic concept of remote database support is to lower the cost of database administration. Traditionally, remote database support was offered to large enterprise corporations with entire teams of databases. The goal was to do the same at a lower cost. This is just another form of outsourcing.



The Right Remote Database Support Service Model For You


Our remote database support approach is one of the most flexible in the business. It is geared towards small and medium businesses that have one or more applications running on one or more servers. In many cases, there are test and development systems accompany the production systems.

No matter if you want to provide a backup to your lone database administrator, or you realize that you are operating under great risk without an expert database and application support, our flexible support plans will cover your needs and provide peace of mind that no matter what, you’re protected.


Our remote Sybase, SQL Server and Oracle database support coverage include 24/7 monitoring in every base plan and the following systems are being covered:


  • SAP Sybase ASE
  • SAP Sybase IQ
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server
  • SAP Sybase PowerDesigner
  • SAP Sybase PowerBuilder
  • SQL Anywhere
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle Database
  • Golden Gate
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • MySQL
  • Times Ten In-Memory Database
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


Cost-Effective Plans to Fit Every Budget


Sometimes there is no need to actively touch the systems, but you want the peace of mind that somebody is watching out for you. Traditional remote database support services don’t distinguish between passive and active database support. The main difference is cost.

Why should you pay for 24×7 monitoring if nobody is using the system after hours, except for backups?

Our 24/7 monitoring captures small issues before they become a huge problem. If issues start to appear, the 24/7 monitoring will alert our central command center.

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Most issues can be fixed within less than an hour.
  • If repairs take longer, they tend to last much longer. In this case, it is more important to have a fail-over plan in place than a 24×7 repair team on standby.


Basic services include remote SAP Sybase database, SQL Server database and Oracle database support, plus this added services:


  • Pro-Active System and Application Monitoring with ManageEngine
  • Backup and Backup Verification (Ensuring that backups actually work)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Server and Application Patches (OS patches upon request)
  • Database Training
  • Data Warehouse and Strategic Database Consulting
  • SQL Server Remote database
  • SAP Sybase Remote database
  • SAP Remote database
  • Oracle Remote database


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