Oracle Database

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The Oracle Database offers a multi-tenant architecture that makes  consolidating databases quick and simple while also offering cloud services. This database also includes in-memory data processing capabilities that deliver a breakthrough analytical performance. Additional database inventions deliver improved levels of performance, efficiency, security, and availability.

What are the advantages of using an Oracle Database?

  • Portability – Oracle is ported to more platforms than any of its competition, as it runs on more than 100 different hardware platforms and 20 different network protocols. Writing an Oracle application is safe from changes in direction in both hardware and software.
  • Backup and Recovery – From online backups and recovery, to software tolerance and disk failure, Oracle offers some of the best overall solutions.
  • Performance – Even with larger databases and amounts of data, the Oracle database and application runs quickly and efficiently without locking and loss of transaction control.
  • Multiple Database Support – Oracle has a superior ability to manage multiple databases within the same transactions using various protocols. It is simple for users to move data to where it is needed from node to node and with data mirroring. 

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