HIMSS Conference 2017: Experiences from Launching a New Product



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Launching a new product at HiMSS among thousands of healthcare providers is an exhilarating experience. The sheer size and scope of the show proves the magnitude of the industry and that there’s an opportunity for innovators and new products to make an impact.

At HIMSS 2017, we launched our new customized data warehouse and business intelligence solution, XpressInsight®. Our time at HiMSS was as much as a validity test for the product as it was an opportunity to gather sales leads. You can learn from our experience and successfully launch your product at HiMSS Conference 2018.

What is XpressInsight?

XpressInsight is a Framework as a Service (FaaS) Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution.  This set of software tools and design patterns can be leveraged to solve your reporting problems using data from any source in your organization.  It can be built in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches.  It is hosted in the cloud and is certified HIPAA, SSAE16, and PCI compliant.  XpressInsight for Healthcare is specifically designed for Healthcare data.

Keys to Successfully Launching a New Product at HiMSS 2017

When launching a new product at such a high-profile event, take advantage of the amount of people to find opportunities to improve the user experience or other ways to better service your target market. Follow these other steps to differentiate your company from your competitors.

Leveraging Launch Pad at HiMSS Conference

Launch Pad is a service provided by HiMSS so attendees can easily find and visit the exhibits of new products, services, and startups. New for HiMSS17 , Launch Pad helped create plenty of buzz around XpressInsight. This drove traffic to our booth and helped us generate a number of high quality sales leads.

Choosing the Right Booth Location

By scouting the Exhibition Floor in advance we were able to connect with a number of potential partner companies. We also engaged with many people interested in our other services, such as  SpectrumDB, a remote database support program.

Focus on Attendee Experience

Attendees at HiMSS exhaust themselves taking in all the exhibits, making new connections, and attending speaking sessions. Take that into account and provide a free offering, such as coffee, pastries, or even shoe inserts. This can drive more traffic to your booth—sometimes even creating a long line—and generate more of a buzz. Don’t forget to also provide a couple of comfortable chairs for impromptu meetings.

Have Specific Goals

Define clear goals before the event to keep you on track through all of the chaos. Some of our goals were:

  1. Make more connections within healthcare.
  2. Listen to the problems others are facing to get a better understanding of how to help.
  3. Listen to feedback and adapt our product after the event as needed.
  4. Find leads that matter.

Launch Your New Product at HiMSS 2018

Launching a new product at HiMSS is a great opportunity to acquire high-quality sales leads, but don’t miss the chance to perform a validity test on your new product. There are thousands of healthcare professionals searching for the latest innovations. Listen to everyone’s challenges and discuss how your product can help them directly or indirectly. After the event, improve your product based on the feedback you received.

We successfully launched XpressInsight at HiMSS 2017 because we set clear goals and engaged everyone who came to our booth. As a result, we left with a number of high of quality leads and potential partners.

We hope to see your new product at HiMSS 2018. In the meantime read our blog post, “A Data Warehouse Solution Should Provide Easy Access to Healthcare Data.” And sign up To Stay Informed us as we continue to roll out XpressInsight.