Client Dashboards Provide Better Oversight



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Can Utilizing Dashboards Really Provide Better Oversight?
One of the biggest challenges facing a DBA is the ongoing necessity of documentation. It is vital to maintain an active record of a database system’s status, including configuration information, hardware and software specs, health and usage metrics, backup histories, and more. This documentation is necessary to ensure fidelity and create a seamless data management strategy. However, many IT departments are unable to set aside time to create vital robust documentation. This results in challenges for IT departments and upper management when trying to interpret the needs of your DBMS. A new solution to this issue revolutionizes the matter of documentation and provides management with high level visibility through interactive dashboards and reports.

Client Dashboards Enhance Oversight of DBAs and DBA services
Visibility is a target goal of a well-run database system. Without visibility, smaller problems can more easily develop into catastrophic issues. At SpectrumDB, we recognized the need for more efficient documentation and a more approachable system for upper management. We therefore created our SpectrumDB 360 Dashboard, an interactive client dashboard that puts all this information at your fingertips. The platform is interactive, visually appealing and provides full transparency into your database environments. SpectrumDB 360 allows you to gather insight into your system’s status and identify trends in order to make better informed decisions.

High Level Dashboards give At-A-Glance Information
The benefit of SpectrumDB 360 is that it presents mission critical information to upper management allowing them to take strategic action where needed. It starts with the home page, where users see a visual overview of database trends and statistics as well as DBA tasks in progress. The tiles are interactive, and a quick click can take you into any of the categories to show more detail.

Customizable, Interactive Pages give Actionable Information
In addition to the Home Page, the SpectrumDB 360 Dashboard comes equipped with multiple overview pages that show more detailed information on each topic. These pages reveal insights into Inventory, Backups, Metrics, Emails, Tickets and much more. Users can watch for ticket trends to identify growing issues and changes regarding free memory and CPU usage. Leadership teams and C-Suite level executives are now presented with a visual scope of their database environments. SpectrumDB 360 grants executives a high-level overview around the total number of recently completed backups, any outstanding updates, priority levels of tickets, as well as any DBA tasks in the works.

Real-time, Reliable Mission Critical Data
Having access to real-time reporting via a dashboard only works if the data is sound. The SpectrumDB 360 Dashboard utilizes a blended system to collect their data. Manually verified information blended with system collected data helps create maximum reliability. It compiles a real-time overview of all database environment(s) through a collective data warehouse. This means you can easily review multiple systems in one centralized location. Having reliable information in a centralized location significantly reduces the time spent on systems management and oversight.
Whether your company has a dedicated DBA or not, a dashboard management application can revolutionize your day-to-day visibility. The goal is to provide clients with interactive, customizable graphs to easily check the status and health of their database systems, monitor for trends, and create comprehensive information-based strategies. When utilized in conjunction with an existing DBA, the SpectrumDB management services and 360 Dashboard provide expert support and increased documentation and visibility. This gives your in-house DBA or IT department the bandwidth to focus on high-level pursuits and continue improving your system. For other companies, the most efficient and cost-effective strategy will be to utilize the skill and expertise of Spectrum DB as a full third-party DBA. For these companies, the 360 dashboard gives visibility and peace of mind to business owners who can quickly log in and see what the SpectrumDB team is working on at any given time.