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In April of 2012, SAP announced that it plans to become the number two database vendor by 2015. One of the major activities to achieve this goal will be database migrations from other vendors to the Sybase platform.

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db-migrationMigrating a database requires meticulous planning and an Oracle to Sybase migrations is no different. Earlier this year I spent a lot of time to write down all the differences between Oracle and SAP Sybase and what are available workaround when a direct migration path was not possible. It turned into a several hundred pages monster that is hard to read and to comprehend.

We decided to slowly release a series of white papers that are based on my previous work. The first white paper is called “Oracle to Sybase ASE Migration Guide“.

A Recognized Authority

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions to the Oracle to Sybase ASE Migration Guide that was recently released on This guide would not have been possible without your experiences working on both platforms. The technical detail and appropriate comparisons that you brought into the publication has helped us frame a more effective document that our community will be able to leverage as both a reference and project planning tool. Your ideas for the side-by-side code comparison and sample SQL migration were the items missing from the first document created in 2006, which was more of an architecture and feature comparison than a code level migration document.

Oracle to Sybase Migration Papers

Due to my work on the Oracle to Sybase migration paper, I got invited to present the topic at TechWave 2011. We agreed on 2 one hour sessions. Here’s the abstract of the sessions:
CIO’s unanimously agree that reducing infrastructure costs is key to ensuring adequate budget investment to achieve top-line business growth. While there are obviously many approaches to achieving this, one area gaining attention is migrating from the higher cost Oracle database platform to Sybase ASE, Long known as the highly performant and resilient database powering much of Wall Street, its’ flexibility and low total cost of ownership, both in hardware and administrative costs, are making CIO’s take notice. This 2-part session will explore this topic from two perspectives. We will first dive into this topic from the perspective of the business’ “Program Manager” by identifying the major high-level tasks and milestones of a typical project plan as well as quantifying the level of effort and risk for each. We will then explore this from an implementation perspective looking at some of the most critical and resource-intensive technical aspects of such projects to help you minimize the effort and risk of these types of career-enhancing projects. If your company is considering its options for a competitive, yet cost-effective, database infrastructure, this is a session you can’t afford to miss.

DOWNLOAD PART 1: A Practitioner’s Guide to Successfully Migrate from Oracle to Sybase ASE