Hosted Storage and Archiving

Save and Store Your Vital Data with Confidence with SpectrumMS™

Discover the difference with virtual storage and archive solutions by Dobler Consulting

Flexible, Affordable Hosted Storage and Archiving Solutions

Virtual data storage and archiving allows you to keep pace with the growth of your data, as well as manage costs with a scalable, pay-as-you-go solution. But, selecting the right hosted storage and archiving partner for your organization can be a major challenge. With SpectrumMS™ by Dobler Consulting you get a flexible, affordable virtual storage solution that makes accessing and securing live data simple, while also allowing you to selectively archive data that’s used infrequently.

SpectrumMS™ Virtual Storage and Archive Solutions by Dobler Consulting

SpectrumMS™ empowers your organization to confidently save and secure your data, documents, videos and more, easily and cost effectively. Our storage and archival solutions are highly scalable—allowing you to choose a subscription that fits your budget and technical specifications. Your organization will enjoy increased productivity because less time is spent dealing with on-premise backup storage hardware, and our technicians provide regular monitoring and maintenance to all but eliminate accessibility issues or disruptions.

Why Choose Dobler Consulting as Your Hosted Storage and Archiving Partner?

SpectrumMS™ empowers you to save and store your data—from raw data and documents to video and design files—quickly and easily. With SpectrumMS™ by Dobler Consulting, you’ll enjoy:

99.9% guaranteed uptime and durability .svg

Scalable programs for memory, bandwidth and security

Transparent, predictable pricing with no hidden fees

Enterprise-class support, monitoring and management

Deployable as a virtual or hybrid solution

Enjoy more flexibility and reliability with SpectrumMS™ virtual hosting by Dobler Consulting