Hosted Desktops

Boost Your Mobility and Efficiency with SpectrumMS™ Virtual Workspaces

Grow and transform your business with hosted desktop solutions by Dobler Consulting

Leverage the Power of Virtualization to Work Anywhere, Anytime

IT is trending increasingly toward BYOD, mobility and remote workforces. Hosted desktops help achieve this by providing quick, easy access to Windows apps, data and more from virtually anywhere via a secure Internet connection. Hosted desktop solutions also streamline your technology infrastructure and extend the lifecycle of your hardware, reducing operational costs.

SpectrumMS™ Hosted Desktop Solutions by Dobler Consulting

SpectrumMS™ allows you to deploy entire virtual workspaces so that they can be easily accessed via smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, PCs and Macs. No downloads or special apps are needed to access your hosted desktop—with SpectrumMS™, the virtual workspace is hosted in our secure data center and can be easily accessed through an encrypted SSL web interface like the kind used for Internet banking transactions. Your business computing resources are maintained and kept up to date by our team of certified technicians, and Dobler Consulting does not require a minimum number of virtual desktop deployments—one or 100, it’s no problem.

Why Choose Dobler Consulting as Your Hosted Desktop Partner?

SpectrumMS™ empowers you to virtually access data, applications and more with a consistent experience—whether it’s on a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Linux machine, tablet or smartphone. With SpectrumMS™ by Dobler Consulting, you’ll enjoy:

99.9% guaranteed uptime and durability

Transparent, predictable pricing with no hidden fees .svg

Scalable programs for memory, bandwidth and security

Enterprise-class support, monitoring and management

No required minimum number of virtual workspaces

Consistent end-user experience across platforms

Enjoy more flexibility and reliability with SpectrumMS™ virtual hosting by Dobler Consulting