Hosted Development and Testing Server Solutions

Innovate Faster with SpectrumMS™ Hosted Development and Testing Solutions

Create Better Apps and Save with Hosted Dev-Test Server Solutions by Dobler Consulting

Reduce the Time and Effort of Managing Development and Testing Environments

In today’s fast-paced market, being able to simplify or speed up the process of running a development and testing environment is essential. However, deploying and maintaining an on-premise environment is expensive and prone to management and maintenance delays. By utilizing a hosted dev-test server you gain the ability to spin up virtual machines on demand, virtually eliminate management and maintenance time, limit risk and exposure, and dramatically reduce hardware costs.

SpectrumMS™ Hosted Development and Testing Solutions by Dobler Consulting

SpectrumMS™ hosted development and testing server solutions let you focus on building great applications as opposed to provisioning and managing a costly on-premise dev-test infrastructure. With SpectrumMS™, you can easily replicate real-world app usage in a test environment to identify and fix issues quickly. Plus, hosted dev-test servers allow you to minimize or eliminate unofficial, self-provisioned environments.

Why Choose Dobler Consulting as Your Dev-Test Server Hosting Partner?

SpectrumMS™ empowers you with a flexible, reliable and affordable dev-test server hosting solution that can be tailored to your specifications. With SpectrumMS™ by Dobler Consulting, you’ll enjoy:

99.9% guaranteed uptime and durability

Transparent, predictable pricing with no hidden fees .svg

Scalable programs for memory, bandwidth and security

Enterprise-class support, monitoring and management

Development and testing environments can be spun up as needed

Controlled environment eliminates “under the desk” environments

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