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Remote Database Support

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Get Around the Clock Database Support at an Affordable Price. Traditional remote database support services offer services based on your install base, if you need it or not. We offer a new approach of database managed services that goes beyond the databases and covers the entire user experience of any application. Remote DBA Support Plans and Pricing   We Support These Systems SAP Sybase ASE 16 SAP Sybase IQ SAP Sybase Replication Server SAP Sybase PowerDesigner SAP Sybase PowerBuilder SQL Anywhere SAP HANA SAP BusinessObjects Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Microsoft SharePoint Oracle Database 12c Golden Gate Oracle RAC Oracle Enterprise Manager MySQL Times Ten In-Memory Database Discover the Difference Managed Oracle Database Services Can Have on Your Business The basic concept of a remote database support is to lower the cost of database administration. Traditionally, remote database support was offered to large enterprise corporations with entire teams of databases. The goal was to do the same at a lower cost. This is just another form of outsourcing.   The Right Remote Database Support Service Model For You Our remote database support approach is one of the most flexible in the business. It is geared towards small and medium businesses that have a one or more applications (more…)
IQ Database Services

Three Top Database Strategies

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Choosing a database is one of the most critical decisions your business will ever make. It goes without saying that the right database can foster growth, while the wrong one can limit it. And it is a decision that is not easily reversible. Read More

Why You Should Consider Remote Database Support

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According to Manpower’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, 38% of hiring managers worldwide are struggling to fill positions in their organizations. The talent shortage isn’t quite as bad in the U.S. as it is in many parts of the world, but even here, nearly one in three (32%) hiring managers report they are struggling. The most common reasons given for hiring difficulties are “Lack of Applicants” (35%) and “Lack of Technical Competencies” (34%). If you’ve tried to fill a vacancy in IT lately, particularly in a high-demand specialty like database management, I am probably not telling you anything new. Database management is a staffing problem because it contains so many specialties. Large organizations may be able to field teams of specialists, but most small to medium-sized businesses run very lean and can’t afford to hire a team member who only works on one aspect of database management. At this level, each team member is expected to master two or three aspects, and such skilled practitioners are even more difficult to find and hire than single-aspect specialists. When positions go unfilled, critical aspects of IT, from your production system to security, can be put at risk. If you try to cover the (more…)

SAP Patches Login Security Flaw in ASE Database

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First released by Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service.

This message is for all our clients and everybody else who is running SAP (Sybase) ASE. According to this message, there is a flaw in the SAP ASE code that would allow attackers to take complete control. Read More

Discount Passes still available for ISUG-TECHwave 2015 Conference – Save $400 or more

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It’s Time To Act

Don’t wait any longer to register for the 2015 ISUG-TECHwave conference in Atlanta.  Early registration ends Feb 28th, so take advantage of the opportunity to get $400 off your registration fee. Read More

Sybase ASE 15 – Semantic Partitions to the Rescue

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Data explosion and the always present request for faster data retrieval led to the introduction of more granular data distribution on physical disks. Even with faster disks, the increase in parallel processing created more contention on a single table. Read More

Introducing: SAP ASE Edge Edition (8 Core) – Retiring Sybase ASE SBE

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This might be the biggest announcement from SAP you never heard of. After dropping the name Sybase from its product names last year, SAP is quietly reshaping its database platform offerings. And I mean this in a good way. Read More

ISUG-TECH Conference 2014 Presentations Available Now

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It was a pleasure meeting you and all of the attendees at the ISUG-TECH Conference. The ISUG-TECH team has been busy loading the presentations, and most are now available as either slides, audio recordings, or video recordings on this page. These presentations are only available to attendees and ISUG-TECH Gold members. Read More

Webinar: SAP / Sybase Database and Technology Roadmap

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Join us on May 14 to learn about SAP’s history in the database and technology space. Michael E. Kane, Sr. Director, Global COE Global Database & Technology Group, SAP, will cover SAP’s strategic investment in the database and technology portfolio, and your potential customer journey.


Register today!

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