Migration Services

Dobler Consulting Inc specializes in database architecture, database administration and performance tuning consulting services. Decades of experience guarantee world-class results. The consulting services include turnkey database migration projects. At the heart of these projects is a meticulously planned process that is executed in a three stages.

The Pre-assessment phase is used to determine the state of the current SMB database, applications and the goal of the migration to be undertaken. Project plans typically include Cross-Vendor database migrations, Cross-Platform Migrations, Major Release Upgrades for applications or any combination of the three.

The second Phase of the service is called the assessment phase where the project plan is developed including an approach where potential failure modes are identified and contingencies are reviewed and planned. Dobler Consulting does so much work with this contingency planning process that if a failure were to occur a special review process and implementation check would be recorded for future incorporation into project plans.

The final Phase of the migration process plan is the execution phase. Dobler Consulting uses their wealth of experience in database architecture, database performance tuning, capacity planning, disaster recovery planning, full life cycle database management (Architecture, Design and Implementation), and DBA Staff Augmentation to deliver excellent service based on an excellent plan. In terms of measurable performance Dobler Consulting has handled the largest database migration projects without loosing a single second of operational performance.

As Database Administration specialists, Dobler Consulting works on short term engagements to augment peak workloads, long term engagements to cover entire software development live cycles, complete assessments of database environments and configurations and any component of support that a client cannot complete with their limited staff.